Friday, 3 December 2010

An Eye Feast of Cuties

Just a few pics of my awesome 4-some.
(Yes, I'm a proud momma..)

The big boys and their building blocks

The Sarong model

The latest Heart throb:



Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lots of Photos, but No Photos

I have not taken enough photos to show what we've been doing.

Yes, we are back in KL.
We were in Penang for a holiday last week, while Gadget daddy was here. He had taken the week off to be with us before having to be in Korea for 2 weeks for work.

Working only with a camera phone is convenient to take shots of everything, provided you have both hands free - one to hold the phone and the other press the button.
So with my hands busy with the kids and their stuff almost all the time, I didn't take a single shot of our trip.

But I have loads of photos and short videos of them in their everyday routine.
I need to download those so you can see how they've grown... but later.
Errr... which I think would mean I don't know when .

Now I need to catch a quick snooze before my kids wake up when the sun is up.

Midnight Madness

So the four have already ganged-up and done their first Dunni on me:

First, Micah cried because he's unwell. He's the last of the boys to be down with fever due to a bad sore throat. (Max and Myron had their 3 days back.) He wanted the air-con on and a blanket.
Then, Myron cried because he was disturbed or for some-other-reason-I-don't-know-what.
Myra follow suit and cried for milk.
While I was giving Myron some water to drink to calm him, Max started a nightmare, woke up and asked me why wasn't I sleeping beside him as I had promised earlier.

It's actually the first time I'm dealing with this on my own.
Usually I'm fortunate enough to have Grandma to help, at least do something for the older one, or put Myron into the sarong swing so that he will go back to sleep.

So this has been an interesting challenge.

Oh, I forgot to mention that while we are back here for this two weeks, Gadget-daddy is working in Korea.

So, Myron had some water, but continued whining sleepily cos he realised his sister is crying and that I would soon have to nurse her.
Then I gave Micah his dose of paracetamol after turning the aircon back on. Told him to either go sleep at his corner furthest from the fan, or go get his own blanket from his corner.
Fed baby girl while patting Myron back to sleep.
Finally I went and lay down beside Max for a while and covered him with a make-shift blanket (a bed-sheet, cos Myron was running around without a diaper for a few minutes after his bath, and decided to poo on my floor and then climbed up the bed and sat on the blanket.)

Actually, my days are usually not as happening as this.

The more usual dramas would be:

Having to play judge, jury and executionist for the battles between the boys, and very often they would end up on some therms on their own.

Diaper changing and feeding the girl in hiding is the other thing I do. I have to do so in hiding because she is now very easily distracted, and Myron usually would make a fuss or come and fuss about her while I'm nursing her. Either way she will not feed well and later will be a grouchy baby when she's sleepy and hungry.

I am really trying to spend as much time as I can with Myron. I want to assure him that being the younger middle kid, with 2 older brothers playing by themselves and not wanting him to disrupt their Lego-building and other battles and a baby sister who occasionally needing undivided attention, Mommy and Daddy loves him so so much and we so want him in the family. So I read with him, cuddle him, occasionally sit in front of the computer with him, and hold him while he flips through the photo album on my iPhone.

So I ended up here, blogging again, as I have done before, and how I got started, because after being woken up by the kids, I can't get back to sleep...

Let's see how tomorrow works out, I mean later today.
I know I'm gonna fall asleep with feeding baby girl. just how many times and how long each time. :P

Have a good day, y'all.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lost In S'pore

We are heading back today after a one week break.
You'll not hear from me for a while again.

One week was too short of a holiday, but it was also the longest week without Gadget-daddy.

It was just a lazy holiday.
Spent some time with Ee-ee, and she stayed over for a night.
Mommy did bits of shopping here and there to get some diaper and Milo supplies.
Grandma's got her own supplies to bring back: herbal tea leaves and barley.

Unfortunately for us, Myron was down with fever and tummy upset because he drank some rain water collected in the backyard for washing the porch. Yeah, our bit of recycling water.

We will be back next weekend, but it's for a friend's wedding.
I doubt that I'll have time to blog.

See you when I see you.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Round Two...

I totally understand why people stop after having two kids.

It's exhausting.

I'm like going through the cycle for the second time, and while I'm really enjoying the babies and the boys, I totally won't press others to have more kids when they say two is enough.

Considering the needs of the kids (and kids these days are so much smarter and outspoken compared to when we were kids) and the cost of living expenses, I guess it's just about right that marginal increase of human population worldwide is on a decline.

So, back to having four kids:

I can't believe that I'm doing this for the second time round:
= having a 1+ toddler and a newborn;
= looking out for diaper bargains at the supermarket and buying at least 3 packs at a time;
= attracted to baby toys all over again;
= breastfeeding one and expressing for the other;
= breastfeeding on demand is so draining, that...
= I need midnight feeds myself, Milo the ever favourite;
= more than one baby crying in the night;
= blogging in the middle of the night;

Can't think of any more to list...
... and the little girl is calling for a feed.

It's tough, but I've no regrets.

It's now 4:47am.
Mommy's on call.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

To Be Fair...

I must also keep an update of what the boys are up to...
(hope to get this out before any of the kids wake up!)

Micah is now 6 and has registered for primary school in Singapore. His school greets you at the lobby with this!

Isn't it lovely.
No, not all school in Singapore is like this. In fact our first choice of school, which is just across the road from our apartment blocks, is totally old-schoolish and square. (This school is 1.3 km away and it's considered a bit far cos not within walking distance. That's Singapore for you.)

I also checked out the school canteen and, yes, they have food that my picky eater will eat. Phew.

Now we need to go for orientation. I'm actually looking forward to it.

We recently made our visit for the last check up on Micah's arm and it's as good as new.
We are all very thankful.

Of course this boy is still running and climbing and falling like his accident had never happened.

Current craze: Star Wars, Lego, Animal Keizer (he's hovering on this, but mommy is saying no all the time).
He would love to go to Jedi school, he said, but since it's not real, he wants to go to a Kung-Fu school next time. Well, we'll see about that. Of course I've not mentioned to him that the school he is going to has Wu-Shu as one of the co-curriculum activities. :D

Max is up to his tricks on being the funniest and cutest.

Current craze: Star Wars, Lego, Food (ever)...

To be Continued... babies stirring....

Grand Introduction

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great pleasure and delight, may I present to you,

Miss Myra Ines Foong Zhi Xin,
Born on 16th July 2010,
3.6kg and 51 cm long.

Myra in her first week:

Myra in phototherapy

Myra being sunbathed for her prolonged Jaundice

Myra in her Fullmoon Day outfit

Myra with her brothers on her Fullmoon Day

Myra at 6 weeks

She is Myra Ines Foong Zhi Xin.
Myra, the female of Myron, means fragrance (derived from myrrh),
Ines means pure and innocence in Latin,
Zhi is a plant with medicinal value, and
Xin means joy.

We pray that as she bears all these values in her name, she will be a channel of God's blessing to the people around her.

I thank God how she is so welcomed and adored by her brothers.
I was especially concern about Myron, being still such a baby himself at 16 months, but he really loves her. Every time she cries, he will run to her and want to give her a hug to comfort her. He loves to pat her all the time. Of course at other times, he is curious and would be poking at her face. We constantly have to remind him to be gentle as he gets really excited.

So here is where I'll need to go edit my profile.... again.

Friday, 18 June 2010



We are back in KL for the holidays.

The boys are happy about everything, even just being back in the old house and rummaging through their old treasures.

They have their grandparents to pamper them, plus uncles and an aunty. They are visting all their favourite places and parks, old hang out places and Ah Ma's house.

I'm eating at our favourite "tea shop" and coffee shops. Also meeting up with a few old friends to try to catch up with them.

The only thing is I wish I have more energy. (Yeah, I know... my constant complain.)
I wish I could be running enthusiastically with the boys at the park, etc, but No.4 is due in about 4 weeks time. It's getting harder for me to move fast. It's also very hard to climb out of bed.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, No.4 is a girl!!
Yeah, lotsa moms are so excited for me, but I think my life is going to be a bit more complicated from now.

What I mean is that a girl's make-up and needs are quite different from the boys' and we'll have to deal with different issues and some same issues differently. I doubt that she will be "easier" than the active boys we have.
And I am praying hard she will not be spoilt as she's the only girl in the house.

Gottta go for now. Having breakfast with my sis and then luch date with a girlfriend.

Pictures on the way, need to be uploaded.