Monday, 26 November 2007

Simple Fun

The boys love playing with this laundry basket. It's really a display of their wonderful imagination.

They could fit into it...

Ride in it like a boat and pretend they are going for an adventure...

They could pretend to be hermit crabs or hamsters in a nest...

Or just an egg they will suddenly pop out of.

Isn't it fun, fun, fun?

The funny bit is when they ask Mommy to climb into the "boat" with them to go for an adventure...and of course Mommy will have to disappoint them coz she can't fit into the basket. So she gives them some pretend goodies and wave good-bye.


Ann said...

Creative fun!

Who started it?

InfanT said...

kin, read this

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I think Max was the one to first crawl under the basket and we were all amused. Then Micah decided he wanted to be just as cute and I was totally surprised that he could fir under the basket too.

The boat bit of course was not that original, but Max was playing in that basket from the time he was 1 when I had to do the laundry in the day and he wanted to follow. So I put him in there with a few colourful clothe's pegs to entertain him.

Read that. Pretty good. I too am struggling over the kindy no-kindy issue. I want him to be in school mostly for socializing purposes and learning to learn in a group... sigh.

A mom's worries never ends!