Monday, 12 February 2007

My Son Thinks I Am God

Micah sometimes makes the most absurd requests. Two days ago, he refused to sleep when it was already 11.30pm and he said to me, "Mommy, I want it to be sunny day (now)." I tried explaining to him in all simple manner of the rotation of the earth and how day and night comes about. So the conclusion sounded something like this, " Go to sleep for a little while now and when you wake up, it will be sunny day." After a little more coaxing and a couple of bedtime stories, Micah finally fell asleep about 12.30am.

His other impossible requests:

I want a rainbow in the sky. (This was God's bright idea, not mine..)

I don't want the moon to come out. (As if I have all cosmic powers!)

I want the stars to come out. (Sure, let me huff and puff and blow the clouds away.)

I want the friendly (stray) cat to come here (NOW... when there is no sight of that cat at all). (Right... like I can order animals to do my bidding.)

I want the dragonfly to come back again (after he had chased it away. Yeah, ... let me order up a swarm of them).

I want the terrapin to hide in it's shell. (Like I speak Terrapin!)

I want the (dead) worm to move its tail. (Of course... if I can resurrect it!!)

I want 10 fishes (when there were only 2 in the tank. Hmmm.. let me look up to heaven and give thanks and make them multiply instantly.)

I want to go to the seaside (in Penang... Sure. If only I had a chariot of fire.)

I want to feed the elephant bananas (in the Singapore zoo... Yeah. Just teleport you over.)

I want to go back to Mommy's womb. (And be born again!!)

Of course all my reasonable answers are met with a load of whining and endless repetition of the requests... Hmmm... so what was that that Jesus said about having childlike faith... Yeah, very often I think I am the "O, ye of little faith." If only I could see the world like Micah and go ask my Heavenly Father for an adventure....

Sigh. I don't think I am as brave as Micah.

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Minni said...

Haha! Bethany always does this to me. "Mommy I want it to be 5.30 NOW!" (So she can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). "Mommy I want to see the moon NOW!", etc ,etc Gotta love their confidence in mommy, huh?