Tuesday, 6 February 2007

You Know there are Kids @ Home when...

You know there are kids at home when...

... you find bath toys in every bath room.

... you find a toy in the refrigerator.

... you find a toy in your briefcase.

... you find a toy in your oven.

... you find a squeaky toy under your pillow.

... you find a plastic fruit in your shoe.

... you find a toy in your laundry basket.

... you find a toy in your basket of garlic.

... you can't seem to clean the toys out of the back seat of your car.

... your noodle strainer is also used as a fishing net when cleaning out the fish tank.

... you can't think of which toy to give away for charity because they will come round looking for it (despite the fact that they have 3 boxes of toys).

... you have to do two rounds of laundry in one day.

... there are three different kinds of cereals opened on the shelf.

... the gifts of sweets and chocolates have to be kept at back of the highest shelves.

... beautiful sugar lollypops were said to be decorations and placed on top of the TV.

... when it looks like it rained toys in your sitting room.

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