Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fish Out of Water

So, I had attempted to blog, but got interrupted and then forgot all about it. So here is a belated publication. - Tue, Feb 23, 2010, 0046am.

Everything seems surreal.

We are running like clockworks - getting to school, cleaning the kids, the house, doing laundry, breath.

My bearings are not in order here. I cannot comprehend time and space when my sister says a certain place is quite near with the measure of "5 bus stops away", or that it is "just behind my place" because I don't know to which direction and if it's behind or between some apartment blocks.

We are at the mall everyday: Grocery shopping! and having our lunch.

Grocery shopping and cooking.... I can't believe how there's always something I need to buy everyday: milk or bread, or eggs or noodles ... Seems we are always short of one thing or another.

Still adjusting to the new house. Eek!! it's not as children friendly as I want it to be. I want to put the water-feature (indoor fountain) outside, left by the owner. Thanks but no thanks.