Wednesday, 31 October 2007


My cutie Is finally calling me correctly! "Mah-me".

Max was calling me "Nanny" or "nyanyi" for the last few months. And before that he would just scream and yell if he was in trouble or needed help, i.e. hold on to the fridge's door and shout till mommy comes to the rescue.

So today I coached him: Say "ma" (he has no problem saying mah-mah and ah-ma for the longest time) and the pointed to myself, say "me" (which he could for quite a while now, but mummy was just a tongue twister for him). In fact, he now points to himself and can say "mine" also, thanks to the gulls in "Finding Nemo".

Since his success earlier today, he had called me countless times. Sometimes because he needed something. Sometimes because Mommy was not paying him any attention immediately due to other distractions, and his calls got louder and louder. And sometimes just because he knew he got it right now and just enjoyed calling me. The last I could identify by the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eyes that states:
I've got it. I love calling you "Mommy".

Monday, 29 October 2007

Brother's Keeper

These are some good expressions of love the boys have for each other:

If Micah is up before Max and then sees him stirring, he will go up to his face and coo,
" Wake up, Baby Boy. It's a sunny day."
Sometimes he will give him a kiss on his cheek and some times he will give him a hug too, and gets hugged back.

If Max is up before Micah he will point to him and say to Mommy,
"Koh-koh (big brother). Shhh."
Then he will peek at his sleeping brother before slipping off to play by himself.

When in the car (with mommy and daddy in front and 2 boys in car seats behind) and Max is fussing and crying, Micah will start singing Max's favourite nursery rhymes: It's A Small World/ Baa Baa Black Sheep. If that does not work, he will try to pat him and give him a toy or a book to comfort him or entertain him.

Max will not go beyond the end of our street in the car without asking for his brother if he is not there.

Micah loves to do silly stunts, like bouncing on the bed and landing on his bum to make Max laugh. Sometimes it's a funny face or gibberish that tickles his brother.

Max loves to copy his brother.

Whenever Micah asks for a new toy, he will try to pick one out for Max too (though not always the best choice, so we do some QC).

Every time Max reaches for a box of chocolate milk, he will take one more for his brother.

Micah loves to get Max involved in his pretend play, i.e. to be race cars or seals plunging into the sea, etc...

And Max really enjoys pretending to be/do what his brothers "orders" him to be/do.

Micah got Max into looking our for trains and tractors in our car rides.

Max got Micah interested in jig-saw puzzles.

If Micah is to the scientist with a bright idea, Max will be the one to make it happen.
If Max were to have a brilliant idea, Micah would be the one to sell it.

If Micah were to be bullied in school, Max would be the one to stand facing the bullies with his fists up.
If Max were to be bullied in school, Micah would outwit the bullies and put them to shame.

If Micah were to get into trouble with mum and/or dad, Max would try to be his cutest or pretend to be in trouble to distract the parent (s) to help his brother "escape".
If Max were to get into trouble with mum and/or dad, Micah would apologise and give some reasonable excuse for his brother's misconduct.

Their are both so different in personality, but they are such a pair!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Pretense Pandemonium

Micah is very imaginative and has an immeasurable passion for trains. Put them both together on any given day and it could be delightful or disastrous.

Of late he has been obsessed with our local train, the KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu). This started when we once saw a night train pass through the station while waiting to pick Daddy up. The train gave a long and loud toot on its horn and Micah saw how long that train was. I then told him that it was night train, a long night journey to Singapore.

Now he has an imaginary train set: The KTM, complete with rails and signals and track switches and a station. Of course the long train comes with 10 coaches.

The problem is that in his pretend play, everything is so REAL. A few times he had screamed and gone into a tantrum because Max accidentally "crushed the tracks" or " derailed the train" or "knocked over the engine". There is just no way trying to make sense to him in those moments.

So what is Mommy to do?

Mommy: OK, Micah. We will have to move your train set to Mah-mah's room. Go on. Go play on your own.
Micah: But I can't move it by myself!
Mommy: Come on, I'll help you.
Micah: No, you take everything.
Mommy: I can't take everything. You take the train. I'll take the tracks.
Micah: I can't... There are too many coaches.
Mommy: Here, put them in the box. Now carry them into grandma's room.
Micah: Okaay...

So Mommy and Micah trots into grandma's room: Micah holding an empty shoe box and mommy holding air in both her outstretched arms.

Mommy: Ok, you set them up. I gotta go take care of Max.
Micah: Nooo! I can't do it. It's too tough.
Mommy: Micah, come on. You can do it.
Micah: No, no. I can't do it. It's too tough.
Mommy: Yes, you can. (Thinking to herself: Can't he just PRETEND he can do it?!!)
Micah: No, I can't.
Mommy: *sigh* Ok.. OK... I'll set the tracks up, you put the engine and the coaches on by yourself.
Micah: I can't. See? They always derail. Please do it, Mommy.
Mommy: Well, then I am the one playing with the train sand not you. You have to do it yourself.
Micah: You do it, Mommy. I'll switch it on.

Mommy has to go on all fours to set up the tracks, arrange the engine and count out the 10 coaches (of course you must know that I mean I am pretending to do so) !!

Mommy: Done. Now I gotta go take care of Max.
Micah: But I want you to play with me...
Mommy: I can't I gotta .... (Too late. Max walked into the room and onto the "trains" again!)
Micah: WAAaaaaaaH! Max! My train!!!
Mommy: It's ok. He didn't spoil anything.
Micah: No! No! He knocked the engine over!
Mommy: Ok, ok. I'll fix them back. (Pretends to set the train back on the track while trying to hold on to a squirming Max who wants to help Mommy!)
Micah: No!! It was just the engine. Not the coaches!! (More uncontrollable wails)
Mommy: Micah, You fix it yourself, ok? I'll take Max out.
Micah: No! No! You do it!! (Wails)
Mommy: Ok, There! Max and I are going out.

Mommy carries a bewildered Max out to read a book or something. We can hear Micah calming down. A minute later he comes up to Mommy, still a tear in his eyes.

Micah: I'm sorry, Mommy. I want you to play with me.
Mommy: You can't be like this Micah. It's ok if the train is derailed. It can be fixed, right? (Micah nods.) No need to yell and cry like that.
Micah: Okay... "No need to cry-maa. It can be fixed-maa" (quoting grandma). Come, Max. Come play with me. It's the KTM!!

It was a circus. An emotional circus.
I can't decide if it's worse to scream or to pull my hair out! I just take a few deep breathes.
We all went back to grandma's room and played with his imaginary train set... including Max who enjoys setting the
coaches on the tracks.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

October Birthadays

Last Sunday we did a be-early birthday celebration for 2 special people:

Lunch was for Rachel, our beloved goddaughter, of whom we are seeing less and less these days since she started college.
We got her her birthday gift like weeks ago when we were down in Singapore. She loved them: Pooh flip-flops.

We had pasta for lunch and the boys had some mushroom soup too.

It was a small do with a couple of other friends and her mom. It was a good lunch.

The later in the evening, we celebrated Grandpa's birthday (yeah, they do share the same day, which was 24th Oct). It was more of a family affair.

We went out for dinner first then came back for dessert and sang the birthday song. Mike's bro and wife got this scrumptious chocolate cake.

Yesterday afternoon I got him another cake and we sang again, just grandma and the boys and I. This time we had Tiramisu: Our all time favourite!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

National Science Centre - Part 2

The other things we really enjoy doing at the Science Centre is:

There are little chickens to see as we park our car.
These are some sort of jungle chickens, miniature versions.
Pretty to look at. There was even once we saw an egg
that had been laid in the cage. The boys were sure excited!

Visiting the Rabbits Corner, which also house some Guinea Pigs (my boys love patting and cuddling these cutsies).
We also make a visit to the "Fish Fountain", as Micah calls it.

It's really a garden with a pond,
with a fountain in the middle,
with loads of fishes and a couple
of terrapins swimming in it.

It's actually formally known as the butterflies garden.

Obviously It's because there are hundreds of
butterflies that flutter by you, and a window
that shows you how the butterflies come out
of their cocoons. Very exciting and educational.

Here is also the wonder of other

jungle creatures in display:

Lizards and Spiders.
We love to look at the iguanas especially!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

National Science Centre - Part 1

The National Science Centre has pretty cool aquariums.

These are actually some shots I took standing on the ground and looking through the glass...

Yeah, ain't got the luxury to take up scuba diving like some friends, although I sometimes wish I did before the boys came along....

But then I have this ear problem, demanded surgery when I was a little kid, and so I have always had problem going deep down under water.

But it's always the same story... When you had the time, you didn't have the cash, when you have the money, there is no time... or there are other more important commitments.

Yeah, these Big words:




Life goes on for the Human race.

But I am more than thankful for all that I have.

God is good.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Mom Song

Found this on a friend's blog (Sivin Kit) and thought it's so cool!!

Three cheers for Moms!...and Dads too. :)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Moral Education NOW.

Micah has been asking for meaning of words which has a big Moral/Civic/Green Tags attached to them:

What is a begger? Why some people have no clothes?

Why some people sleep on the road?

Why some children have no shoes?

Why do some people want to catch you and hurt you? Why?
Why are they bad?

Is the policeman good? He will put the bad people in jail? Why?
Then they wont hurt you?

Why you have to wear clothes or the police will put you in jail? Why?

Why other people cannot touch your (private parts)? Why?

Why some people are on the wheelchair? Is it "handicap"? Why?

Why it's no good to say "stupid"? Why?

What is "war"? Why?
(He's recently found tanks to be very fascinating, since some sightings on TV from the National Day parade. Oh, boy... Mommy's a little worried that combat's coming into the picture.)

If you have a lot of gold, you will have a lot of money and you will be rich?

Why some trucks have black smoke? What is pollution?

Why will the monkey/dog/spider/(etc.) sometimes bite you?

Why do the dogs want to run out? Why it's no good to "jail" the animals?

What is "starve"?

The questions are impromptu and endless as we drive out everyday, or when we cuddle in bed, dress up after a shower or sit in front of the TV together.

The answers are slower to come. It's not all black and white and so easily put into words for a three year old to perceive. This is the real test of parenting, I think. How we raise our next generation to be better human beings than we are.

"God, please help!"

Fireman Micah!

I'm Fireman Sam.
Yeah, his now second favourite how on TV is Fireman Sam. After Thomas and Friends. Of course he's also watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einstein... and he loves some of our local advertisements, and patriotic songs.

One of the things Micah likes to do round the house is pretend to be a fireman. He would ride his buggy car, race around the house with it's siren on! Yes, it's one that comes with a siren which could be a fire engine, police car or an ambulance, much to Micah's delight.In the garden he would hold up the garden hose and go to different parts of the house to put out a fire. Of course if he could have it his way, he would want to use real water.

Just yesterday night he got all the three adults (Daddy was away in Bangkok for conference) scolding him because he doused half the kitchen with water, squealing in delight as he did it. Of course our first major concern was that he or Max would slip and fall (Last year, friend's then three year old son fell on wet floor and fractured his skull! Eeeks!). What a lot of racket by the panicked adults and Micah just laughed and laughed. Until now, when I think of the incident the evening before, I just shake my head.

Anyway, we discovered this place in the heart of town where there is a fire engine left out on display. Since then, Micah has been insisting we visit and climb up (he and Max) and be firemen. Quite cool. And since it is at a place near the market we like to sit and eat the dry noodles (kon-low meen) and drink tea (best teh-ping in town), it's a good and relatively safe place for him to hang out. There's also a lighting shop in that building which has become Micah and Max's other favourite spot coz they have terrapins kept there by the owners.

It's always good to find "hidden treasure spots" for the kids in places we adults like to hang out too.

Micah in his
"fireman" suite.
Taken at the
National Science Centre.
June 2007.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Finally I am able to blog.
... Daddy's been so busy with work that he may come back early, but sits in front of the computer and do more work. Sometimes he comes back late, about 11pm, and still work on the comp. So he's been "hogging" the computer again.
... But so many little things I'd had wanted to put on the blog now seems a distant memory, more than a week ago... Now gotta play catching up.

Finally, both boys sent off to Dreamland.
... Just before, Micah threw up. There goes his dinner and milk. Our ever concern is if he is getting enough nourishment. He is such a picky eater. I name him the Carbovourous, He would love just plain black noodle and second would be rice with some gravy and baby corn. He loves toufu, but he also has his moods. It's really on an occasional basis that he will eat chicken, fish or pork. Beef is never on his taste bud.
Anyway, I shall just congratulate myself for having dealt with the vomiting on my own. Mike left for Bangkok for work today for a couple of days.
... But there is still a slight awful stench lingering in the bathroom.

Finally, we got more shelves.
... Hooray! Since we moved into this new place 4-5 years ago. Lotsa stuff have remained in boxes. It's really because we did all the structural renovations and at the end we took a long time trying to furnish the place. Also, because of Daddy's nature of perfectionism, not just any piece of furniture would do. It has to be as he imagined it... so it's taken us eons to get to "it".
... But Daddy left before he settled a few more of his stuff, so I'm left to deal with all the details...which is a tough thing to do with 2 exploring boys around.

There are days like these where I just feel my life is in a scramble...all to messy... makes me feel like screaming... but I just want to sleep now...

Monday, 8 October 2007

False Alarm

Friday evening, 7.30pm.
As I ate dinner alone, I felt a pain at my abdomen area and also on my back. I did not think much of it except that maybe I had over strained myself... and hope that I was not catching another bug. After that I told my mum-in-law I was going to slip out to get some snacks for the excursion tomorrow. The playgroup had organised a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary and we were going to go. In fact, my sis and her friend were going to come up to our place about 8am and hitch a ride with us.

8.30 pm. As I walked through the mall from one end to the other, the pain increased to the point I felt like I needed to squat down on the escalator. I went to the bathroom. Nothing. As I washed I hands I thought, "This is like contractions. Crazy." Ran my errand with great discomfort.

10pm. Mike got back from work and played with the boys while I had a toe in and out of dreamland. I had told him of the pain earlier. "I think it's appendicitis," I said nervously. I can't bear the thought of having to go for surgery.
I remembered when Micah was already a week over due and the doctor said we should seriously consider surgery. Inducing the baby was probably just 20% chance of success. I freaked out once were out of his office. Surgery?! All the time I was psyching myself for contractions and hours and hours of labor pain, etc, and now I have to go for surgery?! I called my mom, my sister in Singapore and some friends to wail and to ask for prayers. ... Anyway, Max was of natural birth and that's how I know of contractions and labor pains.

11pm. Got the boys into bed and took about a whole hour to get them to sleep.

12am. Talked some more to Mike about the pain and then decided to call a doc friend to ask her opinion. She was away in Singapore for a friend's wedding and the line was bad. SMS my sis and she called back: Go to the hospital please. Don't even bother going to a 24hour clinic. SMS the playgroup coordinator to tell my situation and that we would not be going for the trip.

12.30am. Got a bag packed for the hospital. Think I should go in. We brought the boys down to be nearer to their grandparents whose room are downstairs. The hospital is about 15 minutes away. On the way I called my doctor friend again and this time I got a clear line. She asked me for symptoms: fever? No. Sharp pain? No, dull pain but throbbing. Pain seems to reduce when I lie down but increases quickly when I move around. She advised to go in and told me what the procedure would probably be like: They would maybe keep me for 24 hours for observation before doing anything and to see if the pain becomes worse.

Mommy brain@ work: What? I might as well wait at home to see if the pain gets worse. What if Max cries and needs to suckle? What if Micah wakes up looking for Mommy or if he cries in his sleep and wants only Mommy? Poor grandma and grandpa will have a weary night.

At the round-about, just 2 turns from the hospital I told Mike, "Lets go home. I think I'll wait till the pain gets worse. If they want to just observe me and make me wait, I might as well wait at home."

1am. Mike brought the boys back to bed in our room. We all slept soundly.

Micah woke up early, about 7am and Daddy entertained him. Max got up about 8.30am and they all went down for breakfast. I woke up 9am and felt as good as ever.

48 hours later: No pain what so-ever. Don't know what was that all about but it just made us miss a trip I was all ready to post on my blog.

Too bad its not an "exciting" weekend to report after all.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

On My Own

Mike always teases that I am pampered with lots of help and little to worry about.

To a great extend that is true. I have been blessed in may ways, especially when it comes to family and friends, I think I am about the happiest human being of all. Plus - get this -

Since the time I started driving, that's the last 16 years, I have never had to pay for the car I drive. I started driving my grandpa's car and became his chauffeur because he was having vision problems, then I took over my dad's car when he too began losing his vision due to his sickness. Then Mike let me use his old car after my mom sold my dad's old junk, and now, since Mike sold that green car, I use either my in-law's car or Mike's to get around. And all my friends who know me knows I go out every day, even if it's just to the shops near by or to my mom's.

Anyway this evening Mike worked until really late so I was on my own with 2 boys. It's a feel of what it'll be like should we be entirely on our own.

All was well with dinner and washing up. Then at 9.30pm, we headed up to the room.

Reading before bed:

My sis had bought the two boys a book each - each his own favourite. Max has the Disney-Pixar Cars, and Micah has Spencer from Thomas and Friends series. Both have been excited since they got them this morning. So now both boys want Mommy to read their books at the same time and they don't want to share. Micah was at least interested in the Cars book, but the two boys wanted to look at different pages at the same time. Then when I took to reading Micah his book (he wanted Green Eggs and Ham too), Max started shouting for Mommy to read "Cars! Cars!" taking turn was the only way... with a lot of interruptions in between. I was horse after reading 3 books two times over.

Then Max wanted to sleep in his hammock swing/cradle downstairs so I had to pursuade Micah to come along. Strategy: send one into slumberland first and then deal with the other. Just we step out of the room, Max got distracted by some DVDs by the TV. Both boys asked to watch something. Mommy repeatedly said "No, sorry. It's bed time." Micah then decided he wants his milk in his bottle. Ok. All back into the room, at least no battle here.

10 minutes later, I was getting Micah to brush his teeth when Max came into the bath room. Mommy and Micah were battling over squeezing the tooth paste, fiddling with all the stuff on the bathroom counter and running the tap. Suddenly I heard some splashing behind me. I turned around in a flash and saw Max stirring the toilet bowl with toilet spray, wrist deep! Panic!

"Max!!! That's so dirty! Don't put your hand in there again!"
Micah laughed. He thought it was all so funny. Didn't do any good in helping Max to stay away from the bowl.

Almost done with the brushing when I heard Max at it again. This time, after I scooped him up to wash his hands I locked him outside the bathroom. He started crying and screaming for all the reasons an almost 2 could have.

Then I as I was concluding the teeth-brushing, I brushed Micah's bad tooth and he started crying. I am sure that was purely out of pain. I comforted him but he was still bawling.


Two boys bawling. Made milk in the bottle for Micah and nursed Max. Both boys finally fell asleep and I got to the laundry. 00:06 hrs.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Bethany's 3!

Today we were at Micah's pal's birthday celebration. It was a small do, so only her closest friends were invited. We were honoured to be counted.

All the kids did was play, play and play.
Then had a little bit to bite, and then play, play play!

They jumped around.
They danced and bounced.

They pretended to sail off into an adventure.
With a map and a picnic basket, of which they had food for themselves and also to feed all the dolphins and turtles in the sea.

Hung around for fun.

At the end of it, well, not even quite the end yet as we could have stayed for the whole day, we had to leave because it was the boys' nap time, and Max was starting to show "a sleepy eye".

We had a great time.

Happy Birthday Beth!!
You are so special to us.

Mah mah's Birthday

Birthday cake? No.
Curry fish head dinner at Madam Kuan's!

That was grandma's birthday request.
We celebrated her 62nd birthday last Sunday evening.

Still, a birthday celebration is just not like a birthday celebration if there is no cake and singing the birthday song, blowing off candles and cutting the cake.

So Mike's brother and wife got her a small cake.

We also had to try to get the boys' fingers off the icing! That was all they were after! Icing! and the white chocolate on the sides...and more icing!

Well, given that they were very good and ate all their dinner, we let them indulge.

Dinner: Amazingly, Max had some curry fish with his rice and he ate up everything! When it comes to food, Max is 100% Mommy's son: takes curry like Mommy who loves hot and spicy food... and Daddy pants even with chilli-sauce on his Ramly burger. Micah, like Daddy, would scream for water if the soup is a bit pepperish. So while Max had curry fish with his rice, plus other stuff, Micah had toufu, baby corn and some roast chicken in his rice. Both did well in cleaning up their plates.

Max with uncle and aunty
enjoying a local dessert.