Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Micah's Art

Micah drew this 2 days ago on the doodle pad. Mike and I were busy talking about something and he just suddenly interrupted us and said, " Look! Look! I drew this."

So I asked him what it was and he said, "It's the aloe vera."

So here's a record for you, darling boy.

Aloe vera.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Traditional Therapy

"Waaah! I want to go downstairs!"

3am. Micah has fever...again.

I tried to calm him down so that he won't disturb my in-laws who sleep downstairs, but it was impossible. Grandma was up instantly and after feeling his forehead began putting around the kitchen. She has some "magic" to do.

My mum-in-law (ma-i-l) has taken care of many children before. She has only 2 boys, but she had been a babysitter for more than 20 years and for more than 10 kids through different periods of time. Some of them even stay in with her through the weekdays and go home only on weekends. Over time she has learnt some very handy traditional treatments for children's common ailments.

Mix the white of an egg with glutinous rice flour. Knead it into a ball of dough (palm size usually) and rub it all over the torso of the child (back, shoulders, chest and belly.) Rub over the forehead and cheeks too. Do this for about 10 minutes. The dough absorbes the heat and the child's temperature goes down almost immediately. This is more effective than a luke-warm shower...and definitely easier to manage in the middle of the night. (In fact, she orders no bathing for a child with fever. The child may catch a cold.) Micah now welcomes this relief.

Pound some shallots and beetlenut leaves (sireh) together, then stir the mixture over low fire in a wok until all the juice has evaporated. Then add in a dash of rice wine and stir the mesh well. Wrap the mesh in a thick towel and use it as a hot compress over the belly. First press it lightly all over the belly area. When it has cooled down to an acceptable temperature, use it as a compress on the belly, covering the navel especially.

Symptoms of tummy ache
If the child is crying and the forehead feels chilly/cold, the child is having a tummy ache. Rub traditional ointment (black herbal oil, or nutmeg oil) in circular movements around the navel, then rub your hands together to get some heat in your palms and then press your warm palms on the child's belly. The warmth brings relief. If it is colic, the child most likely will pass gas.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I did it - 4 "Simple" Steps!!

This was one of the things I never thought possible...but I am sure some supermoms think no big deal of this.

I changed our king size bed's sheet all by myself while Max was asleep on the bed. It was one of those times I just had to change the sheets while Mike was at work and Micah and Max were taking their nap. Micah was asleep downstairs.

Anyway, this was how I did it:

1. Remove all the pillows (change the covers first) and all the corners of the old (blue) bed sheet.

2. Spread new sheet (pink) on the 3 corners furthest from the sleeping baby.

3. Gently move the sweet slumbering baby on to the new sheet.

4. Clear the last corner and its done! Wallah!

It's just one of the little achievements I celebrate for myself each day.

Tying up April

End of April was a busy time for us in terms of Daddy's schedule. We had wanted to make 2 trips to Singapore to visit my sister before her second baby arrives, but my boys were not well, then Mike got called to attend a meeting in London for 3 days. We sent him to the train station to catch a train to the airport. The boys just love hanging out at the train station. Mike arrived home on a Sunday morning and we drove down to Singapore late Monday morning.

While Mike was away, Max had a fever for 2 days while Micah was finishing up his running nose, so we did not go to our usual get together with other kids at playgroup, etc. The boys took walks around our block and entertained themselves at home.

Before we know it, April's over and we were heading down to Singapore for the Laborday break.

It makes no different whether you are busy at an office or at home, Time Flies!!