Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New of the One Unseen

So I'm 21 weeks today.
More than half way along the way.

I checked with my doctor a couple of days a go, and this little bundle is doing well. All the structural development is normal. The organs are in place and the correct size at this stage.
I am Thankful.

We could not tell if it is a boy or girl cos the legs were together. But I saw a tiny foot, it's shape on the scan, and it was beautiful.

We are waiting for you, sweetheart.
Waiting to welcome you into the world and to our family.


We are back in KL for a few days for the school hols.

The first few days were spent at home as Micah was down with fever. No thanks to the hot weather. But we did manage to visit my mom a few times and our friend who came back from Canada.

The good thing about having other adults to attend to the baby and Grandma with the cooking is that I have time to do stuff with the two older ones. So we have done a few crafts and we really enjoyed them.

We still have one more new one waiting to be opened.

I also went down town to our favourite market with the best tea in town for breakfast and bought a bunch of stickers. A couple for the walls in the house for Myron and some to give to the boys' schoolmates.

Today I am suppose to head out for the best curry mee with my sisters. It's in OUG. That's also the place I want to get Myron's milk powder supply.

Tomorrow we will be g
heading back to Singapore. This time my mum is coming along.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Myron Is One!

It's amazing how time flies.

Myron is One today.

To date, this baby is not walking yet, but gets all excites with a bunch of squeals and clapping his hands or just waving them like crazy when he stands up hands free. He can crawl super fast, though, and has one adventurous escape from the house by himself when grandma left the front door ajar*.

Myron is still not talking much, but he can sure call "Dad" or "Daddy" when he wants. He only call out "maa-mee" when he is terrible distress, i.e. when sleeping and being strapped onto the car seat. Anything he wants to eat is pointed at and called "mumm-mumm" and and drinks are called "naan-naan".

Myron stopped breastfeeding at 8 months due to very bad mouth sores. Since then he drinks everything out of a cup, including his milk. He actually doesn't know how to suck on a teat.

Myron now has 8 teeth, the last one just peeping out of his gum. But he can sure bite and chew. I usually have a few bruises on my arms to show for a teething baby.

Myron, taking after his older brothers, loves cars and anything with wheels. He can push a small car along holding it firmly in his hands, and he also has learnt to place one on top of a pillow and watch it slide down.

Myron also loves music. A lot of times he would sit in front of the TV just for the theme songs of the cartoons his brothers are watching and smile with glee. After that he is off to his own business of play, discoveries and destructions.

Myron is a social bug. He has been one since he could smile. HE would always look at the people around him and wait for someone to start talking to him. He would reciprocate with smiles, gurgles and reach his hands out to them.

Myron, like all not-the-first-kid, plays by himself pretty well. The only thing is we have to watch him like a hawk still because he outs everything into his mouth. He is great at chewing books and all kinds of paper, even plastics are not spared. I think of the three boys, he has the sharpest teeth and strongest jaws.

Myron is quite a foodie. By this I am measuring it against his brothers. He is one who would sit quite well by himself on the high chair if you give him a few biscuits. he would also sit down quite well for his meals, unless something exciting suddenly comes along, i.e. a cat or some kids running past him. Then he would want to give "chase". But generally feeding him is an enjoyable task.

Generally, Myron is such a happy baby, and I am so glad for him that he is. The world is a wonder to him, and he is happy to be with us.

God bless you, my beautiful darling.

Keep discovering the wonderful world God has made, including yourself.

* Grandma was with us the last two weeks, and it was just 3 days ago when it happened. She was washing the rice before cooking, so she took the rice water out to pour into some plants. She came in and had planned to go out for a second round.

All that time Myron was happily playing with a magnetic toy on the fridge. As she was heading out for round 2 to the plants, she noticed the missing baby, and frantically called out to him , searching the whole house. Then she went out to check on the stairs just a few feet from the front door, but no baby there. Second check around the house, and still no baby.

Then she walked out and found Myron standing up by the plants belonging to our neighbours, along the corridors. It was a 50-60 feet away and round the corner. When he saw grandma he smiled. I think he knew he has on up on her.

That was their adventure while Mommy was out with the two big boys on their usual run of school and all.

Photos updates on 18 March 2010, 2.38am.