Thursday, 31 July 2008

Faith of a Child

This was Micah bedtime prayer, and he prayed by himself:

God, please give me more and more and more and more and more and more and more
Happy dreams.
I mean, Ok?
Thank you.
You're welcome.

And Mommy said Amen.

Yes to Play, No to Sleep.

Because the boys napped today, it is harder than usual to get them off to dreamland.
Not forgetting tomorrow is a school day.

So what did the boys do?

First they played with some old toy train they found.

Then they tossed a 2 foot tall pink bunny around the room.

After that, we sang some action song, involving tossing catching and walking around the room with a bean bag on the head.

Then they played with the laundry baskets, taking materials to some place where they were needed for some construction.

Then they were a couple of engines (locomotives) that were stuck under some rubble requiring some rescuing.

Now they are watching the last race of "Herbie" while Mommy quickly try to post one last post before the turn of the month. Will have to go get them to bed soon.

Snooze time for us all then.

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Gadget-daddy's coming home!!

For the One with a Broken Heart

The tears are pouring
Like the raindrops dropping
In the madness of a storm
Waiting for a rainbow
After the rain
That never seems to appear.

Will anyone ever know
Where tears were mingled with rain?
Will anyone ever know
The real pain of your soul?
Will anyone ever know
The nights your pillows were soaked in tears?
Will anyone ever know
Will anyone ever know...

Pain and sorrow may linger...

But time will heal all wounds
And scars will tell their tales
Rainbows do appear and
Hope will give new life.

You will smile
And laugh again...
In time
In time to come.

Dedicated especially to my friend.

Sounds Like 'X'-Rated

The boys were playing in the back room while I was folding the laundry.
I was done but they were still playing.

Feeling a little tired on my feet, I said to the boys, "OK. You guys can play here, but I'm going to be in our room."

Micah: What are you going to do, Mommy?
Mommy: I'm going to read a book.
Micah: You mean an adult book?
Mommy: Yes, an adult book.

To Micah an "adult book" are the books Mommy and Daddy read in silence. These "adult books" have no pictures in them, just words, and most of the time he can't get anything "logical" from them even when he asks Mommy or Daddy to tell him what they are reading about.

These are the books he will tell us to stop reading so that we'd play with him. Theses are also the books he sees us slip a bookmark in between and sits on the table for a long time before they get back onto the shelves.

In contrast, kids' books have loads of pictures, they sit in a stack by the bed or in the bag (library ones) and they usually are of their favourite topics: Trains, cars, or something about animals or the human body.

So, Mommy had just finished reading an "adult book" by Philip Yancy and still in the middle of This one - most catchy title! (Yeah, I kinda started on two books at the same time... for different needs of the soul.)

Adult book. Hmmm...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Career Path for a Four Year Old

Micah has decided he wants to be a train engineer and drive a train.

So there was this morning he said, "Mom. I don't want to go to Aunty Mable's school anymore. I want to go to the Train School. now."

Hence Mommy had to explain all the different levels of schooling he has to go through until he is ready for train school, because he still can't read instruction (so cannot operate a train), still can't count (need to know how fast to go or to slow down) and needs to know more about how things work so that he can help fix a train when it breaks down.

He agreed to start with Aunty Mable's school.

But he will sometimes come tell me,

"When I am 5 years old, I will go to a different school, one for bigger children.
Then when I am 10 years old, I must go to another school, for even bigger children.
Then when I am.... Then I can go to the school to be a Train engineer."

Happy dreams, Micah.
Let's see how far you'll take this...
Mommy and Daddy are always supportive of what you want to do for a living. :)

Precious Moments

The times when the two boys play well together happens sporadically through out the day. It usually is a short session, maybe the most would be 20-30 minutes. Reason being, eventually they will each have their own different ideas and not being able to come to a compromise, they will end with a quarrel, sometimes yelling, crying, toys/ structure smashing....

Other times when they are happily playing together, their conspiracy gets disbanded by an adult in the house because they would have been up to some mischief, which had set them into peals of uncontrollable giggles, almost into fits of mad delight. Here the adult will expect to find something like water splashing, soap and bubbles all over the floor, including two boys rolling all over the floor, wet and slippery from all the foam. (See what I mean by a fit?)

Just earlier, both the boys were running in circles with a couple of new plastic box files mommy had bought. They were yelling our gibberish to each other, and suggesting things such as " This is how you crash the file," and "crash" goes the file on the floor or the table. Then Max had to do it: "crash it on the mirror." That obviously was the end of their fun. Mommy kept the files away, leaving a crying Max and moaning Micah to figure what to do with themselves next.

But here's the moment of very civil play the boys did two days ago. They took turns, forgave each other when an accident happened and reconstructed their castle again and again with no fuss. That was maybe a good 20 minutes of play until it was dinner time.


Monday, 28 July 2008

TTDI Park - At Last!

After having heard of this lovely park for the longest time and from so many friends and blog buddies, We finally got to the said destination...

Yes, I kinda got us lost on the way, ended up at the jungle trail and saw the sign of "Do not feed the monkeys" before we made it to the actual park. Yes, the one with the lovely stream.

Anyway, The play group had a session on "cycling as a hobby" and so we had to go.

We did the session, the kids all brought their bikes, and then we ended with a picnic and fishing at the stream. One lady even caught a lovely red shrimp, of which Micah declared, " Mommy! she got a sea creature!" That was funny. Everyone let their catch of the day go, as we did not want to torture the poor creatures with travel.

So Now that we know how to get there, hey, how about a picnic sometime?

Friday, 25 July 2008


There's this piece of argument between the boys that has been repeated a few times and I just MUST record this (though I have not heard it in the last month).

Micah: Max, You cannot do that cause you're just a kid. I can do it cause I'm a man.

Max: No, I can do it. I'm a man.

Micah: No. You're a kid. I am a man.

Max: No. I can. I'm a man.

Micah: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Max: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Micah: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Max: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Micah: Actually, I'm not a man. I'm a man-kid.

Max: No. You're a kid. I'm a man.

Micah: Ok. We are both man-kids. We are just too small to be a man.

Max: No. I'm a man.

Micah: Nooo. We are both man-kids, Max.

Max: Koh-koh man-kid and Max man-kid?

Micah (impatiently): Yeeesss...

Max: OK.


Mommy over-hearing this from the kitchen is completely amused and bewildered.
Who could have thought of such a term as "man-kid"?

Snap-Shots from Jakarta

So here are more shots of my boys in Jakarta, which actually is mostly hanging around the hotel's outdoor park and pool.

We did a visit of the Sea World and had quite a good time watching them feed the fish in the main tank and also the piranha (the feeding frenzy is real, not a myth).

We visited a different mall every night (not that we craved for it, but just didn't know where else
to take the boys to) and had our dinner there.

Most of all, we welcomed the time to say good bye...

And back to our own beds.

Home sweet home.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Well, I...Zzzzz

Since we got back from Jakarta I just feel so tired everyday.

I don't know if it has to do with more oxygen in our air or some other travel related factor... OK, I am not getting enough rest and have no time to nap.... But I have never have to put in so much effort to just post up a few lines.

Sorry, my blog buddies, that I have not yet come round to see what you guys have been up to. I have missed you and missed reading your adventures in the corner of your world...

Confession, I am even dozing off no the keyboard here... The same thing yesterday while loading up the photos... like just suddenly turned into the screen-saver mode until I jerk out of it after a few seconds.

Ok... maybe I will be better functioning in a couple of days' time.

I promise, I will visit you.

Right after.... I.... Zzzzzz....

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Back From Jakarta

How was Jakarta...?

So we were in Jakarta, stayed in a very nice 5 star hotel, which was pretty near Gadget-daddy's office (5 minutes walk) and we achieved the main purpose of our trip.

The main purpose of our trip?
To spend more time with Gadget-daddy and to see what Jakarta is like.

Spend more time with Gadget-daddy we definitely did. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner with him, and he took us out every night.

If you were ask the boys whether they like Jakarta, they will give you a resounding "Yes." But I will have to qualify that.

The only touristy thing we actually did was to go to Sea World. We spent two hours there and it was pretty fun to hang out there. We got back to the hotel in time to see a bit of Gadget-daddy who packed luch for us: Singapore fried kueh-teow (fettucini - sp?).

The rest of the days we were there, the boys mainly...

took nice long baths in a huge bathtub twice a day;
played with their toys;
read some books;
did some drawings;
played in the hotel's garden at level 3;
Micah took one cold swim in their pool; and
Micah also watched quite a bit of TV while Max and Mommy played together.

So if you were to ask the boys if they like Jakarta, it'll be yes, for having a lovely stay at the hotel and seeing more of their father.

as informed, the air quality is quite poor.
Every morning I look out of the window and I see how thick the haze actually is. Sometimes it clears later in the day.

Traffic is madness.
You think KL drivers are crazy ... Well, I've been driving for 18 years and I think if I'm to drive in Jakarta, I'm sure to have some minor accidents (scratch some one's car, or motorcycle, or have a few fender-bender) in A DAY! All the drivers weave in and out, and there's a certain main road, where I think there are only 2 lanes, but the drivers make it a 3 or 4 lane road.

Dry and dusty.
I think we always complain about out country's humidity - makes us sweat easily, etc. - but there it's dry and dusty. After 2 days, I suffered cracked lips, despite drinking a lot of water.

Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia are actually quite different. Mainly terminology. Sometimes I just speak English and don't bother to try BM because they just stare at you blank, or they'll reply you but it all sounds like gibberish. Then both parties will have the total-blank look on our faces. Quite hilarious, some times.

Sorry, will have to stop short here. Brain protesting, wanting to turn off already.
All the guys are asleep. My turn to hit the hay.

Just one more thing before I go,
A realization - about food:

When we are in a country where their currency is stronger to ours, we don't waste anything because everthing is so expensive.
When you're in a poorer country, you don't waste anything because there are so many poor who have no good food.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Debate: Packing

Part 1.

Mommy: Oh, Look. Just the boys and the luggage (blue) is almost half filled. Not even all their stuff is in yet.

Gadget-daddy: Dear, Take less. It's only 4 days. Use the smaller (green) bag.

Mommy: No. I can't put my stuff with theirs if we use that bag. I want to put all our stuff together.

Gadget-daddy: We have traveled to Singapore for the same days and you could use the small bag.

Mommy: Well, that's when we drive and we don't have to put the shoes into the bag. Also we get diapers and PJs from my sis so we don't carry all those.

Gadget-daddy: Ok, how many Pjs are you taking? 2 pairs is enough.

Mommy: OK, look. 2 pairs each. (Takes out one set of PJ from each boy's stack.)

Gadget-daddy: 2 pairs for both boys.

Mommy: No. One each is not enough. What if they get it wet while brushing their teeth, or spill a drink just before bed?

Gadget-daddy: OK. 2 pairs of PJs each. Shirts? 4 is enough. One each day.

Mommy: Not enough. Especially for Max. Accidents are more likely to happen. 6 sets of clothes.

Gadget-daddy: Too many. If need to, you can buy there. (Starts taking out some shirts.)

Mommy: What? But...

Part 2

Gadget-daddy: Ok. Lets see what are the allowances from the plane. (Check on the internet - Budget airline.)

Mommy: I still think it's easier to just have one luggage. Less to worry about.

Gadget-daddy: But it'll be very heavy.

Mommy: But we aren't carrying it around. Just check it in right?

Gadget-daddy: Then lug it from car to check-in counter then to car and into the room.

Mommy: So?

Gadget-daddy: Wait. (Makes a call to the budget-airline and talks to someone. Blah... blah.. blah...) Ok. We have 60 kg for all 4 of us. Ok. Use the big bag.

Mommy: Thank you. (Puts back some of the stuff gadget-daddy pulled out, but did leave a few hankies and a couple of shorts out.)


We have one huge bag for all of us, including Gadget-daddy's clothes, the kids' diapers for the night, some dried fruits for his staff there and toiletries. Plus a stack of books for the boys and have yet to put in all necessary chargers, some packs of tissues and a bottle of saline for my contact lenses. For my hand carry, I still have to put in their bottle of muti-vit, a fever mixture for just in case and ... (I'm sure there will be some things I need to bring.)

It's The Kids

After all the exchange on stress of moving, I'ts come down to this: Yes, it's because of the kids.

If I was to make the trip, or make the move.

Gadget-daddy and I were talking about our up-coming trip (1 day to go and counting).
So, IF I were to travel without the kids, I'd be really excited.

Walk around the city with a map;
Visit a local wet market;
Try out their local food;
Buy back a bag of raw emping belinjo;
Hunt for batik;
Eat salak fruit to my heart's content;
Maybe check out a spa and try their traditional massage...

With the boys, to play it safe, we will ...
Spend some time at the hotel's pool;
Check out some of the shopping malls;
maybe check out an easy local tour, or hire a driver for the day;
maybe visit a school, or for mommy to call and chat with them over the phone;
Move around by taxi.
Do one thing a day.

Hope it'll be memorable for the kids.
At least we will see more of Gadget-daddy this week than if we were to stay home.

Back To The Park

So we went back to the new park, as now labeled by my boys, last weekend and Gadget-daddy was with us this time.

We did not venture our for the long walk and the fountains, but stuck mostly at the playground.

Gadget-daddy was very impressed by how agile our two little monkeys were on climbing the ropes.

Of course the whole play area is also quite impressive.

Great place to get the kids explore and work out different physical skills.

We love this place... It just requires a bit of driving.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

We went for a little girl's party at McDonald's last Saturday.

It was Mommy's friend's 3 year old's Birthday do. So because it was not someone familiar, the boys mainly wanted to play at he children's area. Mind you, not so much the slide, but to run around the slide. Not enough just to run around the slide but, ...

Max: You Frank, me MyQueen, koh-koh Tow Mater (This is playing out the tractor tipping scene
from Cars movie.).

So much to other children's entertainment or envy, I wonder which one more, Mommy was racing around the area with her two boys and occasionally scopped them up and blew raspberry on their neck.
Then there were a couple of games, passing a plate and a scavanger hunt. Micah took the games quite seriously, but both boys were happy enough with their prizes of stickers and note pads.

Before we knew it, it was time for the cake and song and we went back a little after that.

It was good in getting them ready for their little nap.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A New Horizon

So news is out.

We will be moving to Jakarta, Indonesia, either by the end of August or September (this is because I am putting Micah's school schedule as priority).
Our "sentence" is for maybe 6 months to 2 years.

This coming week will be the boys' and my maiden trip to step onto Indonesian soil. We will be there for 4 days. I have heard many reports about Jakarta, but mostly negative one:
It's like KL but messier, traffic is worse;
It's very hot and dusty;
I get sick every time I go there;

This trip we will be staying at a hotel near Gadget-daddy's office. He will be there for work, so I hope he can arrange for someone to take us around to maybe look at some schools and places necessary for food and recreation. We will have to move around by taxi, something new for my boys to experience. :)

At the moment I am still clueless as to where we will be staying in our long term.
"Clueless" best describes what this whole move is to me right now.

Can't even begin to think of packing.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rainy Days

So the raining season is here... again.

The boys, especially Micah, had wanted to go to the park. But it actually rained the whole day today. Mainly drizzle, but that was enough to keep us all in doors.

It was actually very disappointing for the boys, because a couple of times they mentioned they wanted to go out, and Mommy, looked our of the window and said, "Yes, lets", only to stop at the door because the porch told of non-stop of a drizzle.

So we spend the whole evening playing with cars, building blocks, trains and more building blocks.

I was actually stalling for time with Micah. Again he skipped his nap, so I kept his distracted until about 8pm. Good time for him to hit the hay.

I also had to turn off the air-conditioner earlier as it's a little chilly and I could hear Max, while sleeping, having a bit of a stuffed nose.

(Arrgh. Having problems uploading my photos. Waste of time... will update on that later.)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

"Holy Porsha"

Read this post and was inspired to put one of my little own.
Here's with thoughts of you, Uncle Lee.

Max has been crazy about the movie Cars (Disney-Pixar) for the longest time.

So my boys, Max especially, are starting young with their fascination with sports cars and race cars.

Here are the faces of Max with anything cars that I've got in my iphoto album:

Watching the cars Movie,
Just look at the intensity on his face.

21 July 2007

30 Aug 2007

25 June 2008

Playing with the Cars toys from McDonalds

28 Aug 2007

Playing the Cars game on Wii,

Jan 2008

He also wants to looks at other race cars like F1 and shows like "Driven" captures his attention too.

You can imagine our excitement when we spotted a Porsche in front of Nikko Hotel,
Micah was yelling, "Max! Max, a pink Sally*!"

And I wonder what he got out of this book at his Aunt's working table. :)

Well, this is all for now.
Max and his love for cars...

* In case you did not watch the show, Sally is a blue Porsche in the show.