Friday, 18 June 2010



We are back in KL for the holidays.

The boys are happy about everything, even just being back in the old house and rummaging through their old treasures.

They have their grandparents to pamper them, plus uncles and an aunty. They are visting all their favourite places and parks, old hang out places and Ah Ma's house.

I'm eating at our favourite "tea shop" and coffee shops. Also meeting up with a few old friends to try to catch up with them.

The only thing is I wish I have more energy. (Yeah, I know... my constant complain.)
I wish I could be running enthusiastically with the boys at the park, etc, but No.4 is due in about 4 weeks time. It's getting harder for me to move fast. It's also very hard to climb out of bed.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, No.4 is a girl!!
Yeah, lotsa moms are so excited for me, but I think my life is going to be a bit more complicated from now.

What I mean is that a girl's make-up and needs are quite different from the boys' and we'll have to deal with different issues and some same issues differently. I doubt that she will be "easier" than the active boys we have.
And I am praying hard she will not be spoilt as she's the only girl in the house.

Gottta go for now. Having breakfast with my sis and then luch date with a girlfriend.

Pictures on the way, need to be uploaded.