Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ooo.. Yellow

The other day, while watching Myron at play, I noticed he picked at things that were yellow.

Can't quite tell if it's his favourite colour, and he still can't tell us either, but here's the little cutie in action:

"Mommy, I've separated the yellow cube from the rest.
It's actually been 'eaten' . Shhh..."

Guess which monster's coming for tea?
Cookie monster, Elmo, Zoe or Big Bird?

Big Bird.
And what would be sweeter than a "glazed moon" for dessert.

Yes, that finger lickin' good.

Happy exploring with your tastebuds, beautiful baby.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Super Soft Building Blocks

Micah has been doing this for a while, maybe since he was 2... but of late he has been doing this almost every day - Building boats and bunkers and race cars with pillows and bolsters!

I am quite amazed by his creativity, but the down side, the bit that can drive all of us mad is that when they don't stack up well, he will get really frustrated and go into a crying-whining-yelling frenzy: scolding the pillows, or whoever who might accidentally knock something over.

He usually uses the bed as a base, but there were a few times he used half the living room for his huge boat, lining the edge of the boat with every pillow and cushion he could get his hands on. And the poor boy kept getting a scolding from grandpa for putting his pillow on the floor.

Well, I didn't get a photo of that elaborate boat, which had a doorway and corridor to go through to get to your cabin, but here are the ones I managed to take a snap of:

The boys, taking turns in the go-cart he made in the room.

And here is the small boat he made with the two armchairs downstairs.

Yes, Myron has already gotten into the action with his brothers.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

No Hot Baby, Thankful Mommy

Myron had fever last week.

It was for two nights that I rubbed rice dough on him and gave him the gel pad on his head.

I find the rice-dough rub to be really effective. A friend says she usually get her kids to soak in a tub of water to help relief the warmth from the body, but I think that's just too troublesome... especially in the middle of the night. So I do the other troublesome thing, rub the body with rice dough. :D

I am just so glad he is all well now... Err... except for his drippy nose that can't seem to stop.

At least it's clear, not green.

So I am thankful.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hair-cut Day

Monday was the day we went to the hair dresser.
It was good timing as the boys have no school, and being a Monday morning, there was no crowd.

Max is the one who hates going to have a haircut.

Both the boys had a haircut before Christmas last year. It was good timing as it made them look nice during Chinese New Year.

Micah had one a month after Chinese New year, but Max skipped that.

Then in June, we took Myron for a shave, and Micah had a trim too.
Max skipped that as well.

So finally we insisted it was time he had a hair cut.
It was either to our hairdresser, Aunty Chui Lin or to the Indian Barber*,
Max chose Aunty Chui Lin.

So here are the two boys, clowning around while waiting for the hair dresser to come (we were her first customer of the day).

The boys having their shave.

After the hair cut.

And here's Myron before his shave,

... during,

... and after.

Don't they look so nice and clean?


* If we had gone to the Indian barber, I would have asked for a crew cut for Max. Then he only needs to worry about another haircut like... after Christmas.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Under The Sea

The Bangsar Gospel Center's playgroup's theme for this term is "Under The Sea."

The clever teachers and volunteers have come up with crafts for different sea creatures, made out of cardboard, construction paper, foams, balloon (check out the puffer fish!), plastic strings and tinfoil.

Top down, L->R:

puffer-fish, walrus, starfish, shark, whale,
turtle and jelly fish, seahorse and dolphin.

Apart from just the crafts of making the sea creatures, helping the children to identify shapes and colours, there is also a little explanation on these sea creatures. I think we moms learn so much too, and not just our kids.

Today's sea creature feature was the sea snake.

Moms making the crafts with their kids.

A boy proudly showing off his masterpiece of the day.

And here's one of the moms in action: telling the class about sea snakes.

Then we were delighted when we found sea-creatures-shaped snacks. :)

Tasted like potato chips, I thought.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Mother's Watch

Myron has a temperature.

It's not high enough to register as fever on the digital thermometer, but he is pretty warm to the touch. 37.4 was his highest reading. Grandma said he has had a fright*, but it could also be that he is just teething.

Between midnight and 4am he was moaning in his sleep quite a bit, requiring Mommy to either nurse him, or pick him up to pat him, if he refused to nurse.

Max woke up.
I think he was dreaming of transformers, because that's what he started talking about.

Apart from that, he also busied himself with buttoning and unbuttoning his pajama shirt. He sure picked a swell time for some fine-motor skill practise.

Myron had had one more feed and his temperature had obviously come down a little (obvious to the touch, sparing the sleeping baby a beep at his ear).

Max kept asking if it's morning yet and wants to start playing with his toys.

Mommy's now sitting at the computer, but keeps telling him to lie down in bed and make himself sleep, but he is still whispering to himself, quoting bits and pieces of the script from a show (I think it's Transformers).

Now, if I am to get back to sleep, I am quite certain I will find it really hard to wake up in time to get the boys ready for school...

Myron "making noise" in his sleep again...
Gotta go check on him.

This is Myron's new teether...

And here's Myron in action:

Have a good day.

* It's a common Asian belief to say that a child who had had a fright/ traumatised to develop fever as well as nightmares, resulting in restless sleep and loss of appetite.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Belated Post: London says Hello

Last week we actually met up with an old school friend.

She has been staying in London since the time she went there to study. She then worked there a short while while waiting for her convocation, and there met her husband, and now she comes back about once a year.

She and Ee-ee were classmates, but now that we are all adults, honestly, age is really just a number that's more important to your doctors and medical insurance agents.

Anyway, (sorry, I digress) we are always happy to see her and her son, Jonathan. We ate lunch at Marco's Pizza, ordered our usual favourites and we three ladies talked non-stop, either to each other or our boys in between. It sure was a lot of chatter. :D

When Micah was a couple of months old, she was back and came to visit at my place. Since then babies and kids are always in our conversations. She has a son, but she also fosters babies.

We always enjoy meeting up with old friends, and do a quick catch up.

Here's Aunty Karen and her son Johnathan with my boys.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Catching Up Fast

Myron can't seem to grow up fast enough to want to play with his brothers.

Not yet 5 months (he will be in 4 days time), and these are the things he noticed over the last week:

He has just begun to be a pro on the walker, sliding sideways to where he wants to head to and grabbing things at his height. So far he has managed to tug at the corner of the (dining) tablecloth, Mommy's baby bag on the sofa and, today, he knocked Micah's Lego-made Megatron that was resting on a low chair.

Myron has also mastered rolling over and over and over again. Now we have to make sure when he is on the bed, we have to barricade him in with pillows and bolsters, or he is sure to land on the floor.

He makes a big fuss when having to change after his bath. He wants to sit up to change, not lie down. So we have to have him lean against us, facing out, while we put on his shirt. And he will need a toy when putting on his diapers as he has to be on his back.

He already loves rough-housing with his brothers and father on the bed, especially in the morning when he is all fresh from a good night's sleep (and this usually happens while Mommy is still unable to get her body to wake up despite the ears and brain registering all the cacophony of the three little cuties having fun).

He is really great at grabbing stuff, including your nose, your hair, Gadget-daddy's glasses, the toothpaste by the sink while getting his bum washed, your cup if you are having a drink while carrying him and anything he fancies. He's a got a real strong grip.

I don't know if it's due to his cough and running nose the last few weeks, or that he has hit a plateau of his weight gain (which is quite normal for breastfed babies), Myron weighs 6.7 kg still for the last whole month.


He has sprouted 2 teeth on his lower gums.

So he joins his brothers in growing their teeth early*... much to my disappointment (I was hoping his would wait till at least he is 6 months old... but alas...). Micah also had his first 2 at 4.5 months and Max at 4 months.

Well, that explains the super-drooly bit...

And now, note to self, I have to go get him a new teething toy.

You are almost 5 months, precious baby.
We all love you so so much.

* I think the good bit about having their teeth early is that they don't seem as bothered as if they were teething at a later age. My sister complained of a very whiny and sticky son when he was teething at 1 year old.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Excursion: Fire Station

Last Friday, The Play group from Bangsar Gospel Center, the boys' school and another school called Mandarin Kids, had a joined-outing to visit the fire station.

We were all asked to dress in red, just so we look like the fire engines.

They were thrilled that we got to climb up and get a really close look at the different parts of the fire engines,

... ride on the fire engine,

... and also to play with the fireman's hoses.

Sure was a fun day at "school."

Have a good week, everyone.