Saturday, 3 February 2007

Sleeping Babies

I don't know if you would call it maternal inclination or just a woman's thing: I love basking in the presence of my three sleeping boys. Sometimes in the middle of the night, like tonight, I am awakened by Micah's or Max's crying and can't get back to sleep. I will usually try to be industrious and do some ironing or sort some stuff out (We have lots of stuff that are cluttered in a guest room because we have no proper cabinets to put stuff in, i.e. wedding gifts, old files from previous jobs, some stuff I keep in view of how I may use them for crafts or gifts). But I always allow myself some luxury of time to just watch my boys sleep. Sometimes I lie down among them and "see" us "with my inward eye" (Keats) from a bird's eye view and feel warm and cozy. You know, like how the floating feather in Forest Gump makes you feel at the end of the show. Somehow the boys, especially Max, maybe because he is still a baby, will generate like an aura of warmth and peace and sweetness. Makes me just want to cuddle him or at least to touch him. Sleeping babies are so magnetic. They just draw your heart towards them.

Since Micah came along, I think I have taken so many photos of a sleeping baby. When Max was brought back from the hospital I took at least one photo of him sleeping everyday for the first 40days. The funny thing is, at the moment of sweetness, you think it's just such a beautiful picture, like no other... but when you view the shots, I think other people will just not get you. Unless you are a mommy, or the mommy, I guess, then you see it.

Sleeping babies are sleeping beauties.

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