Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Myron is 9.5 Months

Myron is now nine and a half months.

He is showing his true character, which proves to be a persistent and insistent boy.
Of the three boys, I think he is the fiercest.

Maybe it's because his brothers are at this stage of development too, so Myron is fast learning to demand for his share of the toys and Mommy's attention.

When Mommy is around, he is a happy baby. When mommy is not around, he is a quiet baby, who will willingly take his naps. When Mommy comes home, he will usually greet mommy with a wail when she gets home because she seemed to have abandoned him.
But when he gets into her arms, he actually gives her a pat on her back, as she pat him on his back. It's like a secret language saying, "I love you so much".

Myron now has 6 teeth, four on top and two on the bottom. He is still very drooly and puts everything into his mouth. Sometimes when he is very sleepy he would want to bite on something, usually Mommy's finger, for some kind of comfort and then falls asleep.

Myron has also learnt to blow sloppy raspberries on us. The thing is, when he puts his mouth on you, it's really scary, because you don't know if it's gonna be a tickley sloppy raspberry or a painful nip between his teeth.

Myron is now crawling like crazy. He loves to be on the ground and he can climb up the stairs all the way from downstairs to our room. He can craw over barriers, and seems to love going through an obstacle course on the bed/sofa, so he cannot be left alone at all. He easily pulls himself up to a standing position and can cruise a little. He is still in the process of mastering climbing off the bed legs first.

His favourite foods is rice with fish. And he actually knows if it's good fish or not. He also gets some chicken and mince meat occasionally. He takes his rice cereals in the morning and on the road he needs his Baby Bites. He actually loves going out, but he really does not like the confine spaces of a car. In fact, if the car is rather crowded, he would be the first to scream out.

Although he can't quite talk yet, he can move you to the direction he wants you to go by pushing his body forward "that way". This is especially "effective" when you're carrying him.

His favourite colour is still yellow.
He loves toys with wheels.
He loves his bath books and cloth books.
He loves the nursery rhymes sung by Gracie Lou (a filler every Monday to Friday at 4.25, after Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney).
He loves snuggling his sleeping brother in the morning to wake them up.

I took him out for a stroll today, and noticed that he loves looking out cats and birds. He also loves ladybugs, and loves the "Ladybug" rhyme. He loves watching a butterfly flutter by and would want to catch a spider with his tiny fingers if he was allowed.

He is still very much a social bug and would watch people and respond when they say hello. He loves watching older children play and will get really excited, waving all hands and legs, to want to be part of any excitement.

This little darling is growing.
This little darling is growing well.
This little darling is growing so fast.
Everybody loves you, Myron.


Angeline said...

Mommy have to be Tigeress to tame the little tiger...

Myron has very very attractive eyes...

mil0chel said...

aduuu so cute that little baby...

Pei Chyi said...

aww, he's growing up too quickly!

TripleJin said...

he's really really really cute!!!

*pinch cheeks*

ya..I agree. For some reason, no.3's are really quite fierce! The 2 older brothers practically give way to him all the time!

Moomykin said...


Haha... sometimes I have to scold him too because he would wail and put up a fight wanting to crawl on the roadsides even. Hahaha...

He does have very lovely eyes.
Thank you.



yeah. hopefully he would be talking by the time you come back. Then lagi fun to play with.

Moomykin said...

Pei Chyi,

Yes, they do grow fast. Sometimes faster than we want, but sometimes like not fast enough.

Wait till you step into the mill!!




Haha... Looks like your no.3 is still better than mine. For now we still have to tell the koh-koh's to give back the toy or not to run off with his toys when they already have plenty to play with
(but you know, they will see something else in their creative minds what to use a baby toy for).

InfanT said...

We miss the 3Ms, haven't seen them for quite sometime

Bethany said...

Wow, he is Micah's splitting image!

Moomykin said...


We will be back for CNY. Come visit us then.

You are also welcome to stay with us in Singapore anytime you and your hubby want to come.



He does look a lot more like Micah than Max. Character wise also more like Micah, but he shares 1 same passion as Max - He loves to eat! And I'm so happy for that.