Wednesday, 17 March 2010


We are back in KL for a few days for the school hols.

The first few days were spent at home as Micah was down with fever. No thanks to the hot weather. But we did manage to visit my mom a few times and our friend who came back from Canada.

The good thing about having other adults to attend to the baby and Grandma with the cooking is that I have time to do stuff with the two older ones. So we have done a few crafts and we really enjoyed them.

We still have one more new one waiting to be opened.

I also went down town to our favourite market with the best tea in town for breakfast and bought a bunch of stickers. A couple for the walls in the house for Myron and some to give to the boys' schoolmates.

Today I am suppose to head out for the best curry mee with my sisters. It's in OUG. That's also the place I want to get Myron's milk powder supply.

Tomorrow we will be g
heading back to Singapore. This time my mum is coming along.


TripleJin said...

oh yea.. I know that place. Can't remember the name, but it also sells assam laksa and yong tau foo, right?

I used to live in OUG. It's the best place to live. So near all the GOOD FOOD!

Ann said...


And sure looks like you are on a good food hunt!

Hope Myron's fever subsides soon.