Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Big Drama Birthday

Micah fell at the monkey-bars at the playground and broke his right arm.

That was how my birthday began the day before at 7pm, as we rushed to the hospital and only got home at 1.30am after the whole procedure was done.

Today, my older sis and I had a simple lunch, she got her girl to give me flowers!

Later Gadget daddy came back early with flowers and cake. Lovely!

We went out for dinner, Japanese! Everyone's favourire. The boys ate their ramen so well, including Myron.

It was a day treasured, remembering that the people around me are most treasured abs enjoyed.

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mumsgather said...

Happy Belated Birthday. So many flowers. How lovely....

*lynne* said...

Ouch! Poor Micah! But from the big grin I guess he's taking it positively :)

happy (belated) birthday!!

Can't wait to catch up with you 'live' in May :)

Wendy said...

Happy belated birthday, Kin.

Micah, no more running/ climbing around in the meantime... until the cast comes off.

InfanT said...

happy belated birthday, Kin!

Mummy-yeoh said...

Happy belated birthday!

Micah, have a speedy recovery

prince n princess mum said...

happy belated birthday to kin..

Speedy recovery ya... little Micah..

Ann said...

I sent you an sms only to discover it was never sent!!! :(

Anyway....belated Happy Birthday and pray that God will bless you abundantly with the gifts of the Spirit.

And what a drama indeed. Hope Micah is feeling better now.

Our Jouneys.... said...

hi sorry...Happy belated birthday...April 6 right..been so busy that I forgot. When are u back in KL next? must meet up. Are you having your baby in KL or Singapore?

Take care

Bethany said...

Ouch! Poor Micah! Wish him get well soon from us.

Sounds like you had an eventful birthday my friend. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

We just moved house, so I've been out of touch with all things recently.

TripleJin said...

Happy belated bday. I'm so late. So sorry! Poor Micah..this happens alot here... these kids..think they're real monkeys!