Monday, 30 November 2009

Penang Holiday

We went up to Penang to see my brother's baby and to celebrate his fullmoon...

But this Jee-kor, second aunty on the father's side, is so terrible:
She forgot to bring the camera along with her the 2 times she visited over the weekend, so no cute baby photo yet.

But here are the shots I managed to get of our journey going up...

(I assure you, I took the shots when we were not moving.)
Mom sat in front with me to keep me company and keep me awake as I was yawning some parts of the journey.
She bought me sweet potato chips and 100plus!
Thank you, Ah Ma.

And the day we were at the sea.
It was Myron's first time at the sea side.

And the best thing I ate in the whole trip was the Duck mee-shua at Pulau Tikus' morning market. It's at the corner coffee shop opposite the police station.

They must have gotten some publicity before and welcomed my snapping of their stall.
They double boil the soup before it goes into the noodle!

It was a great trip with the mpv like this.


(We rented from Hertz and they really gave us a good deal.)

So glad all went well.


Ann said...

I rented a car too and so glad I did.

I so wanted to eat that duck noddle you know in Pulau Tikus as well!!! But inlaws had different

Glad you enjoyed your holilday and the time at the beach. Spore has a beach so you won't have to travel so far next time!

Spore has many good places to hang out, I think and the best thing is hubby will be there EVERY EVENING !!!

You will be fine, my dear. Thoughts and prayers will be with you in this crucial time.

Moomykin said...



Glad you had a good break too.

we must catch up soon, ya.