Tuesday, 10 November 2009

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

Was up expressing milk for Myron at 2.55am*.
Came back to bed with the sleeping baby at about 3.30am.

Now I am still awake.

Was watching my babies sleep...
Hugged each one of them a but while I whispered,
"Mummy and Daddy love you so much."
For the littlest one on my bed, I smelled him and watched him the most.

In the midst of many thoughts... two people.
My father, whose 8th Anniversary was on 8th November,
And Matthew's 1st that was on 31 Oct.
They are still missed so much by their loved ones.

Yes, and missing Gadget-daddy.
2 weeks away is really just too long for us all.
Max mentioned today, "I wish Daddy was back, Mom."
Looking forward to his being back this weekend.

Ok. Should get some rest.
Taking the boys to school in a few hours' time.
Wish I have more time to go blog-hopping... :P


*Myron has decided he does not want to nurse directly anymore. Every time I put him to the breast he will either turn away or bite me. Looks like we will just go until I can't produce enough milk to be expressed. So this baby might break my good record of breastfeeding beyond 12 months. *sigh*.
Now breastfeeding is extra troublesome as it involves 2 people. In his sleepy-hungry mode, he want to be held. So while drinking from his cup or waiting for more milk, Grandma has to carry him. *sigh*


mumsgather said...

The first pic really shows how "sleeping like a baby" looks like. Hehe.

little prince's mummy said...

I like to watch my son's sleeping, too!~

Moomykin said...


Yes, That is such a "perfectly asleep" kind of pics.


little prince's mummy,

Yeah. They look so lovely and so angelic when asleep.

Angeline said...

Yes Mommy, go with what Myron prefers...
Listen to the baby and parenting life can be much less frustrating...
Oh Gadget-daddy, come home fast, your '4' are missing you....

Ann said...


Now, I hardly watch the kiddo sleep. It's either time for chores or timefor sleep myself!!!

Moomykin said...


In desperation he is actually taking on a bit of formula milk, so there is hope of longer milk intake in future.



Ahh... wait till the next one comes, and it's a "delicious" cycle all over again.

Take care.