Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Grand Introduction

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great pleasure and delight, may I present to you,

Miss Myra Ines Foong Zhi Xin,
Born on 16th July 2010,
3.6kg and 51 cm long.

Myra in her first week:

Myra in phototherapy

Myra being sunbathed for her prolonged Jaundice

Myra in her Fullmoon Day outfit

Myra with her brothers on her Fullmoon Day

Myra at 6 weeks

She is Myra Ines Foong Zhi Xin.
Myra, the female of Myron, means fragrance (derived from myrrh),
Ines means pure and innocence in Latin,
Zhi is a plant with medicinal value, and
Xin means joy.

We pray that as she bears all these values in her name, she will be a channel of God's blessing to the people around her.

I thank God how she is so welcomed and adored by her brothers.
I was especially concern about Myron, being still such a baby himself at 16 months, but he really loves her. Every time she cries, he will run to her and want to give her a hug to comfort her. He loves to pat her all the time. Of course at other times, he is curious and would be poking at her face. We constantly have to remind him to be gentle as he gets really excited.

So here is where I'll need to go edit my profile.... again.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommy, Well done! CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name, sounds nice when pronouncing it.
And she's a real beauty too. No need to ask where she got her good looks from, *wink*.

And she's got big brothers to jaga her....boyfriends when she grows up have to watch out, as brothers can be very protective over baby sisters, ha ha.

Wishing you, baby and everyone happy days....
once again, Outstanding and best wishes, give her a hug from an Uncle in Canada.
You keep well, chicken soup, essence of chicken get back your goodself, Lee.

Ann said...

Congrats again. Looking forward to meeting this little one soon.

Nice to be the youngest and the only girl, I bet!

Linda said...

Congratulation for your baby girl.... she is so sweet....
Hope you are keeping well with FOUR... :)

hissychick said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world beautiful Myra. What a gorgeous tribe you have. Hope all is going well even if it is very hectic :)

Michelle aka mommy cat said...

Congrats to you and Mike, and the 3 boys! What joy and a beautiful blessing Myra is..hugs from us at the Bangsar playgroup; Michelle

TripleJin said...

Congrats dear!!! I am so amazed by you!!!

Take care of yourself ok???!!

Moomykin said...

Thank you, everyone, for all your well wishes.

She is too little still to know her "special" position, but she already knows that there is always a lot of people around her and there's always a lot of noise, and that she must be really loved because she is getting kissed everyday but a everyone.

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

Thanks. We decided on Myra because the two names (starting with 'M') we were first thinking of suddenly became too common and the other too popular.

I'm sure all of us would be protective of her, but it would be interesting to see the development of these four siblings.

Moomykin said...



I wonder if it'll be really nice, as she would have no sister to play dollies with her... guess that will when I get to experience my childhood second time round.

Moomykin said...



We are managing for now.
As usual, it's toughest when I'm breastfeeding, then I cannot do anything else for that 20 minutes.

I always thank God for my in-laws, especially MiL, who helps with the other kids. I know I am blessed.

Moomykin said...


So far, all is quite good and I'm still sane, more absentminded but still sane.

I saw your girls too. They are absolutely beautiful.

You take care too.

Moomykin said...


Thanks for dropping by.

I hope you're keeping well too.

Hope to catch up when we come back for the year-end break.


Moomykin said...


No, I'm always amazed by you.

I've got my in-laws to help, though it requires me to hold my tongue often, but I'm sure it's vice-versa.

You are the super mom who takes care of 3 boys, loving them lots, and do all the cooking, cleaning, driving and still blog!

Bravo!! to you.