Friday, 10 September 2010

Round Two...

I totally understand why people stop after having two kids.

It's exhausting.

I'm like going through the cycle for the second time, and while I'm really enjoying the babies and the boys, I totally won't press others to have more kids when they say two is enough.

Considering the needs of the kids (and kids these days are so much smarter and outspoken compared to when we were kids) and the cost of living expenses, I guess it's just about right that marginal increase of human population worldwide is on a decline.

So, back to having four kids:

I can't believe that I'm doing this for the second time round:
= having a 1+ toddler and a newborn;
= looking out for diaper bargains at the supermarket and buying at least 3 packs at a time;
= attracted to baby toys all over again;
= breastfeeding one and expressing for the other;
= breastfeeding on demand is so draining, that...
= I need midnight feeds myself, Milo the ever favourite;
= more than one baby crying in the night;
= blogging in the middle of the night;

Can't think of any more to list...
... and the little girl is calling for a feed.

It's tough, but I've no regrets.

It's now 4:47am.
Mommy's on call.


Karmeleon said...

Wow - truthfully? I totally regret extending the family and being a coward not to! It's overwhelmingly stressful!

MeRy said...

For me, I really not able to handle more than one kid at the same 1 is more than enuf for me.

Ann said...

ya....when I was looking at your kids ages, I also noticed that your first 2 were very close, very much like your 3rd and 4th now.

Well....this will be your last time....after that....TROUBLE of a different kind.

--andy-- said...

hi, your babies makeup is same as ours.."bbbg". First and second babies are always most challenging, but it gets easier after third one :p