Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lots of Photos, but No Photos

I have not taken enough photos to show what we've been doing.

Yes, we are back in KL.
We were in Penang for a holiday last week, while Gadget daddy was here. He had taken the week off to be with us before having to be in Korea for 2 weeks for work.

Working only with a camera phone is convenient to take shots of everything, provided you have both hands free - one to hold the phone and the other press the button.
So with my hands busy with the kids and their stuff almost all the time, I didn't take a single shot of our trip.

But I have loads of photos and short videos of them in their everyday routine.
I need to download those so you can see how they've grown... but later.
Errr... which I think would mean I don't know when .

Now I need to catch a quick snooze before my kids wake up when the sun is up.


prince n princess mum said...

yeah... too many photos.. really need lots of time to arrange it well.. and with kids around, we really don't hv much time..

Ann said...

nice to 'hear' from you. looking forward to the pics when you can get around to it.

Moomykin said...

prince n princess mum,

Thanks for dropping by again.

Yes, it's the curse and blessing of the digital age: makes taking photos less costly, but managing the "free" bulk is a headache.

Moomykin said...


Hi. Glad you dropped by.

Thanks for always being my ever-faithful blog buddy.