Thursday, 2 December 2010

Midnight Madness

So the four have already ganged-up and done their first Dunni on me:

First, Micah cried because he's unwell. He's the last of the boys to be down with fever due to a bad sore throat. (Max and Myron had their 3 days back.) He wanted the air-con on and a blanket.
Then, Myron cried because he was disturbed or for some-other-reason-I-don't-know-what.
Myra follow suit and cried for milk.
While I was giving Myron some water to drink to calm him, Max started a nightmare, woke up and asked me why wasn't I sleeping beside him as I had promised earlier.

It's actually the first time I'm dealing with this on my own.
Usually I'm fortunate enough to have Grandma to help, at least do something for the older one, or put Myron into the sarong swing so that he will go back to sleep.

So this has been an interesting challenge.

Oh, I forgot to mention that while we are back here for this two weeks, Gadget-daddy is working in Korea.

So, Myron had some water, but continued whining sleepily cos he realised his sister is crying and that I would soon have to nurse her.
Then I gave Micah his dose of paracetamol after turning the aircon back on. Told him to either go sleep at his corner furthest from the fan, or go get his own blanket from his corner.
Fed baby girl while patting Myron back to sleep.
Finally I went and lay down beside Max for a while and covered him with a make-shift blanket (a bed-sheet, cos Myron was running around without a diaper for a few minutes after his bath, and decided to poo on my floor and then climbed up the bed and sat on the blanket.)

Actually, my days are usually not as happening as this.

The more usual dramas would be:

Having to play judge, jury and executionist for the battles between the boys, and very often they would end up on some therms on their own.

Diaper changing and feeding the girl in hiding is the other thing I do. I have to do so in hiding because she is now very easily distracted, and Myron usually would make a fuss or come and fuss about her while I'm nursing her. Either way she will not feed well and later will be a grouchy baby when she's sleepy and hungry.

I am really trying to spend as much time as I can with Myron. I want to assure him that being the younger middle kid, with 2 older brothers playing by themselves and not wanting him to disrupt their Lego-building and other battles and a baby sister who occasionally needing undivided attention, Mommy and Daddy loves him so so much and we so want him in the family. So I read with him, cuddle him, occasionally sit in front of the computer with him, and hold him while he flips through the photo album on my iPhone.

So I ended up here, blogging again, as I have done before, and how I got started, because after being woken up by the kids, I can't get back to sleep...

Let's see how tomorrow works out, I mean later today.
I know I'm gonna fall asleep with feeding baby girl. just how many times and how long each time. :P

Have a good day, y'all.

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Ann said...

And I find takin care of 2 tough! :)

Don't you wish we had octopus hands sometimes.

Hope you are well. Thank God for mummy's strength and wisdom and love.