Friday, 1 June 2007

St.Marians '89

This has been the highlight for me for the whole month.

I got together with some old school friends, class of 89 and we had a blast at Starbucks.

It was great to be able to catch up with old schoolmates and see so many of us looking and doing so well. It was also great to see so many expecting a baby... actually 7 pregnant ladies out of 30+ of us, so that makes it almost 20%!! OK.. so my figures are not accurate cos i really lost count of how many of us were there... But it was great.

Upon arrival, we registered ourselves, got a name tag and a goody-bag (filled with really good stuff, like muffins, chips and scented candles, and a RM150 voucher to a spa owned by one of my former schoolmate!!).

After a too-short-a time of free and easy chatter, we got down to the agenda:

First, we all stood up and sang the school song.
Then there was a quiz which was a test of our memory of things 18 years ago and beyond that even!
Then we did an "award" session of various categories, i.e. who has the most kids; who is still as cute as in our days in school; who travelled the furthers for the gathering; who has changed the most (physically); and best dressed.
After that we did a "treasure hunt" of special items, including a memento from days of old.
There was also a gift for those coffee cups were on a secretly marked table spot.

Almost everyone walked away with a gift. The organisers were just fabulous. Hats off to Rima, Normi and Ojai.

Finally we did a special collection for one of our girls who is 5 months pregnant and was diagnosed in the last 3 months with stage 3 leukemia.

After an official photo session, some of us had to take off, while others (so reported on our yahoo group) hung around till night fell.

I wish I could stay back but I had to run back to two boys who constantly want their mommy.. but as I walked to my car and drove in silence back home, my heart raced and cheered and bubbled. I felt recharged and young all over again.. My head spun.. It could not have been caffeine. I had a small hot chocolate. It must be the spirit of St. Mary's. It was great to see old friends who have enjoyed school days in a place as special as St. Mary's.

What a day.

School Song

United and strong, sing we a glad song.
Of the school and the rules that guide us;
Of the colors and crest, of the work and the rest;
Of the things that our school provides us.

Chr: For God and for school afar be it known
We stand by the badge of our school;
The yellow and blue shall ever be seen
To the fore in sports and pure knowledge.

We'll aye seek her fame, yea make good her claim
For the name and the fame, the dearest;
So work for the whole and sing from the soul
For the sake of St. Mary's the dearest.

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