Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Durian Durian

Max loves durian!!

I must say he is more a Malaysian when it comes to food than his Daddy and big brother.

He was just one and a half when he first tasted his Durian and since then, whenever anyone asks him, "Max, you want durian?" he will nod his head, and sometimes say, "Yes."

The last time Tua-Ee (First Aunt on Mommy's side) he impressed her with eating beef curry rice - he had curry and rice, no beef. When it was finished, he actually cried and demanded for more.

All I can say is (I have said this before):

This is Mommy's boy!!



Ann said...

TOTALLY a mummy's boy!

God is soooo fair!

Anonymous said...

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neomesuff said...

i use to love i dont..bcoz if i start and i cannot stop..and i hate that hehe
btw..uve been tagged ;-)