Monday, 17 December 2007


Max finally decided that the proper sign for good is the thumb-up sign. Before that, as with all children, he used his index finger as the sign for good.

Whenever we try to correct him, telling him, that it's the thumb, demonstrating and even trying to pry his thumb our of the grip of his other four fingers, he would protest and insist that it's the forefinger.

The funny part was also when Micah started using the thumb-up for good and thumb-down for no-good, Max would use his forefinger up for good and forefinger down for no-good. It was really comical.

Last night, just as we were settling into bed, Mommy insisting that everyone lie down and no talking, Max was snuggled by my side and I heard him saying to himself, "Good. No good. Good. No good."

I looked down at him and I saw him consciously putting his thumb up, slowly controlling his other fingers to be clasp into a fist. Then he turned his wrist and had the thumb pointing down. "No good."

I smiled. "That's right Max. Very good."

"Good. No good. Good. No good." He practised and practised.

"Good, Max. Now it's time to sleep. Good night."

"Good. No good. Good night Mommy. Mommy. Nan-nan first. Please."

The boys fell asleep about 12.15am.


Ann said...

hehehe...thumbs up for Max!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

So thrilling to see them grow and "get it"!

Today I asked him to show the "new good" to Ah Ma and Ee-Ee. So funny to have to put it that way.