Sunday, 2 December 2007

Out of Town

We will be out of town for the next few days. My brother's finally having his wedding dinner for relatives who have been asking for the hundreth time. So it's pretty much a family affair and ofcourse he would invite his friends.

This has been my Mum's big headache: Who to invite? How to house them? Who sit with who?

Tough cos this is her first son and you know (if you don't know, now you know) how big a deal first sons are... same goes for only son circumstance. All my Dad's side are really excited and anxious. These include my dad's cousins and uncles. Which means my sister's kids as well as mine, will be meeting some grand uncles and grand aunts and great grand uncles and aunts. Of course there are other uncles and aunts and cousins... people we used to see more while we were in school and could make family holidays back to hometowns to foster family tie. Most of us have seen them maybe once or twice in the last 6 years.

So we will be heading up north. We have to stay at a rented apartment, much to the disappointment of my mom as she was expecting to stay at my brother's which is near another relative. This certain aunt will be housing my other cousins too.

For the kids' pleasure, my only target is the beach. Everything else will be a concern:
Will they behave?
Will they get in the way?
Will they greet older and distant relatives respectfully as expected?
Will they eat properly?
Will they sleep well?
Will we (my sisters and I especially) get enough sleep?

Now to get to a last batch of laundry before we disappear for a couple of nights...


Ann said...

Ooohhh....have fun!

Hope the boys have fun too at the beach!


Our Jouneys.... said...

Wah...ur blog is full of stories...i just started mine...very short stories and nothing much to say...

Anyway, pls visit

Our Jouneys.... said...

eh....when u free to meet up? Good to meet Imm also. Have food for Rockie too...

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

yes we did have a good time at the beach. That was the only thing I felt worth the trip for the kids. Everything else was adults agenda.

Good to have you "on board"!
Glad you'll be back for a while too. Yes, let's meet.