Thursday, 4 December 2008

MIA And Some Updates

Sorry I was MIA for a while.
We had a little glitch on our hard disk, and it made it impossible to do anything on our computer.

So the boys and I have been playing quite a lot of cars and race cars and more cars...
And Gadget-daddy takes them out to the park almost every evening.

Latest "big"event was that Micah actually dug out his tooth's filling 2 days back and complained of a toothache for a whole day. But now the nerves seemed to have gone numb and he's back to his usual self.

We are wondering if it's going to act up while we are away on holiday next week on for a week...

The Littlest one in me is growing.
Now I find it really hard to bend over my bathroom counter to brush my teeth.
Fern also noticed my blouse was getting tight around the belly last Sunday. :)
I am now craving for pizzas and tortillas.
French fries with ketchup smelled so good the other day when we walked past McDonald's at a mall.

We are looking forward to a holiday with my mom, bro and older sis and her family.
We will head down to Singapore for a week and in between, down to Bintan for 2 nights.
Must do something exciting before another baby to fuss over, demanding some 120% of attention.

Brain now working overtime on some gathering for former schoolmates and a small party for Max's birthday.


The New Mom on the Blog said...

Wow! holiday with family is the best!!! Enjoy!

Moomykin said...

New Mom on the Blog,

Looking forward to it.

little prince's mummy said...

Ooo.. no wonder u MIA.. hehe~

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

Yeah, we all now so dependent on the internet for some "extras" in life, ya?

Ann said...

No re-fill for Micah's tooth? I always think toothaches have a way of coming on to us when we least want it too! :)

At any rate, glad preggy-land is treating you well and hope you have a great hols!