Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Year End Bash

We had two exciting celebrations for the year end, which we will be repeating for many years to come.

Max turned 3 on 28th Dec, but we had a nice barbecue party on the 27th at Ah Ma's house. It was pretty much a family do, with the special presence of a few friends.

Oh, we were all just so excited over the presence of our friends and the presents and the cake... that the only shots taken were from Max's uncle's camera.

Then on the 29th, we had a nice sit-down dinner at a Chinese Restaurant to celebrate Ah Ma's birthday.

We all sat and ate the meal like for the longest time, but everyone had fun, especially the kids playing with the karaoke set, singing Happy Birthday to Ah Ma until we had to tell them to "SING SOMETHING ELSE".

The food was good, and the cake was just a drool!
But it really ended at almost 11pm. We were actually later than a wedding dinner that was held in the main hall (they gave us a private room).

Just less than 24 hours to a new year...
Time sure flies....

P/s - Thank you everyone, for such wonderful presents.


Angeline said...

What a wonderful gathering!
Ended later than a wedding dinner? *laugh*

little prince's mummy said...

Happy New Year to u!~

Moomykin said...



Well our food was dished out for us individually, so it actually took quite a while to finish our 8 course meal.

Gave us loads of time to chitchat and for the kids to have fun.

Moomykin said...

Little Prince's Mummy,

Thank you.

Hope you had a good New Year too.

A gift from God said...

Hey... Happy Birthday Max.... :) Big boy already.... and going to start school soon huh? :)

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,

Time sure flies.
Somehow once they start school, they will seem to grow even faster.

P/S- will Sms you the contact for the playgroup. Had a bit of a problem with my phone the last 2 days.