Saturday, 6 December 2008

Watching TV With Daddy

My boys are watching Zorro on TV with their daddy.

So this is probably their first exposure to sword fighting, some fancy horse riding and dynamite blasting.

At the end, I over heard Micah asking his daddy why they were fighting.
And Daddy explained about having to fight off the bad people and rescue the people who were trapped.

I remember when I was very young, maybe four or younger, I'd sit on my daddy's lap and joined him on his favourite cowboy show on our black and white TV:

(Thanks to Google, you can find and refresh almost any bit/bits of your memories!!)

Anyone remembered this?

Actually, I only remembered the intro of the show, the fire part and the men riding together.
The music, too, of course, but don't recall any of the show itself.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Mommy, oh yes, I remember that very well.
Bonanza, High Chaparall, Hawaii Five O, and what about Dallas that emptied the streets of major towns when being shown? Then Dynasty.

I love old movies, as current one too explicit, too much emphasis on sex and whatever.
And especially here where the TV channels don't take prisoners....

There's a channel here....everytime I get relatives from o/seas come to stay get the fright, an exciting fright of their lives to see movies with no holds barred.

Give me High Chaparral or Bonanza anytime, ha ha. Lee.

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

I remember a bit of Hawaii 5-O but, the same, can't remember much except some gun shooting and chasing of bad guys.

The other ancient one I remembered is Space 1999.
Hahaha... We now in the 2000s already and still there's no one living up there on the moon.

Ann said...

Good memories.

Don't ever remember watching any TV with my dad. And even so, maybe not Zorro....or maybe that is why daddy never watched TV with me. I was too much into girly cartoons! :)

*lynne* said...

I never did watch Zorro or Bonanza, because us kids weren't allowed to rot our brains with tv much. On one hand I kinda lost out on some cultural lessons (hahah) but on the other hand I'm less of a slave to tv than Kosh is, and I'm glad for it :)

Of course, when older, in the teenage years, I ended up watching tv almost every night: I remember CHIPS, MacGuyver, Robin of Sherwood, the A-Team, Magnum P.I. ... and I "tumpang" watched with my parents without really understanding Dynasty and Dallas!