Monday, 25 May 2009

Busy Free Nights

I have been busy most of my free night.
Free nights would mean nights that I've not yet crashed with the boys... especially nursing the baby in bed. Oh, that is so comfortable I am usually woken up by Gadget-daddy some time later to burp the baby, who is also asleep and, most of the time, then won't burp.

But this is what I have been busy with, making goody-bags.

This is in preparation for Micah's birthday party in school some time this week.
We are celebrating it a little early just before the school closes for the holidays.
We have invited another friend (not a schoolmate) along, and Myron will also be at the party!!


I have made the bags for the kids (collected some free wrappers over a few weeks, bought the ribbons), but have all the stuff to put them in. Will wait until the night before, as some of the foodstuff might attract ants.

But I have the goody-bags for the teachers ready. :)
I actually added a few more things after I took the shots. Too lazy to take some more pictures.

Oh, I so love putting a goody-bag together.
I love surprising the kids and see the thrill on their faces when they pull something they especially like out of the bags.

That's the goody part for me.

Oh, and last weekend, Micah and Max helped me make the invitations.

We sure had a lot of fun too. The only "set back" for the boys (but a relief for me) was that there were only that many students in the school. The boys wish there were more fun to be had, but I am glad we could tidy up sooner than expected. Hahaha..

Of course I also had to hand-write each invitation with a crayon so that took up some of my free nights too.

Think I will be all excited and anxious as the day draws near. thinking of the food and how and when to bring them in and how to do this thing called a "sun-walk" as instructed by the teacher (see the teachers instruct the parents too. :P)...

Will keep you posted.


JLow said...


Between 2 boys and a newborn, I salute you for still finding the time and energy for these!

Hope Micah and his friends have a blast at the party!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ U really geng!!!!!!~

I like the hand-print idea.. 5 yrs old :)

Moomykin said...


Haha, like I said, it's only on certain nights when I can manage to not fall asleep with the kids.

The party will be a simple one, just about 1.5 hours before school ends...and that's like half of their school time. :D

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,

Thanks. It's actually quite therapeutic for me. I enjoy arts and craft myself.

Yes, I thought the hand-print would be a good personal touch. Also 5 is the best birthday to use the one hand print. others would be a lot more tricky.

Linda said...

I am excited.... !! making those invitation cards looks fun and creative... will save this idea for my girl 5th bday 2 years later.. haha...

Ann said...

I think your creativity and giving nature is really awesome.

Your boys will learn alot of good characteristics from mummy...

Hope everything turned out well