Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mother's Day

A belated post:
Mother's Day was a week ago.

The boys brought this back for me from school as gifts for Mother's day.

They painted the pot themselves. The teachers supplied the plants.
I really love these pots.

Thank you, my darlings.

As for the family event:
We went our for dinner at Madam Kuan's in Midvalley.
The dinner honoured 3 moms:
myself, my mom and Mom-in-law.

Gadget-daddy made us all happy with delicious fish-head curry and so much food we had to pack some home. The fried chicken wings were mouth-watering too.
(Sorry, no photo to show as I was too buzy feeding my 2 older boys and scooping food for my mom and m-i-l who was carrying Myron in a sling.)

Hope all you mums had a good Mother's day.


hissychick said...

What beautiful pots your boys made!
Something to treasure forever..

Ann said...

wow....I would have thought they were BOUGHT !!!

Nothing like simple acts of love!

little prince's mummy said...

nice celebration! :)