Sunday, 21 January 2007

Max.Mission #1: The-Mall

Max is exploring his universe on his feet now- W.A.L.K - Working Ankles Legs and Knees. He had been doing a lot his training in the main hall at H.O.M.E (However Obstructed Must Explore) to build up stamina and stability, and recently he had his first mission on planet The-Mall. His training proved very useful because on the planet The-Mall he could WALK quite a distance on his own without any assistance. However there were a lot of large moving objects, namely H.U.M.A.N (Homosapiens' Uncoordinated Movements And Noise), coming from all directions fast and slow. So he needed some assistance from Mother Bird to navigate around them, especially on coming ones, to avoid collision. Mother Bird had along with her RACh (Relative Associated through Church) to assist in lending eyes and arms should the mission get out of control.

Along the path of somewhat charted territories, Max came across some familiar Cuddlies, code named Teddy, that he knew back H.O.M.E. But these were bigger and looked cuddlier. Max broke contact with Mother Bird in his pursue to confirm his hypothesis of these creatures. He confirmed his findings by sending back his signals, audio and visual, to Mother Bird who by now was following his WALK path. Max signaled: "OOH!", waved excitedly and squeezed a few of them at the same time. The Cuddlies, always polite and gentle, were greeted with a nip on the nose and in no time found themselves under Max. Interrogation time was up. Mother Bird picked up Max and headed at light-year speed in pursue of the other members of the WALK team, Dad and Big Bro. RACh followed close behind.

Before leaving The-Mall, all involved in the mission got some cold creamy refuels from the station marked by the symbol of golden arches.

There were a few more explorations done on planet The-Mall in that mission. Will have to study the captain's log for more details.

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InfanT said...

i think Max looks like Micah these days!