Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year, New Goals

I am weaning my three year old.

I am one of those moms who have really enjoyed breastfeeding and now, as we are getting ready for No.3 to come along, I am weaning Max.
But I must say that I miss holding my boy close to me, chatting with him while he nurse and sometimes even just joking around till he just doesn't want to nurse (at this stage his nursing is more of a comfort and also to touch base) but chat and play with me.

Anyway, it was a deal we struck from months back:

When he turns three, he will have a certain present and no more "nan-nan" after that.

At first he wanted certain trains from Thomas and Friends series, but then he decided he wanted Speed Racer.
So, of course we got him Speed Racer for his birthday, and even for Christmas.

And so the weaning began.

Max has been amazingly good in keeping his end of the bargain.
Of course occasionally he asks, just trying his luck to see if Mommy would forget the deal, but he would giggle when I give him a surprised look and say, "Nan-nan? You mean non-non."

So, for the past week, he has asked me to just pat him and sing to him to sleep. Well, there were a couple of nights he just feel asleep while watching Speed Racer.

The only exception was when he cried for nan-nan the first two nights. I am sure it was out of "cold-turkey", and since it was in his sleep, I relented, so that we all too, could sleep.
But after that he was ok and has slept through the night.

The other amazing thing Max has done is that he has declared he does not need diapers at night, and so far he has been able to sleep without wetting the bed.

Good job, Max!!

You are a big boy already!
Three years old!

You will start school in a few days' time, and Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to you enjoying school with koh-koh and coming back with loads to tell.

As for Micah, we are trying to wean him off the milk bottle.

I know it's a hard thing to do, and my MIL's ever concern is that he would be consuming less milk from a cup than from a bottle. The reason for the need for milk is because this boy does not eat meat or vegetables. His source of nutrition, besides plain noodle or creamy pasta, is porridge or an occasional toufu and fish with rice (he does not like rice either, but I will force him to take some).

So I don't know how far this is going to be successful.

As for toilet training, Micah still uses the diapers at night namely because we figured his taking in 4-6 ozs of milk at bed time, plus some water after that would be harder for him to go off diapers anytime soon. Also, he will occasionally ask for milk in the middle of his sleep too. So, till he can sleep well through the night, the diapers is still in need.

For Mommy and Gadget-daddy, we can't believe that in no time, it'll be March and the third one will arrive. We still can't decide on a name, but we have already received a huge bag fill of babies clothes from my sister in Singapore.

It'll be another round of holding a small one, night feeds and diaper change. Fussing over a bath, mittens and booties and all those lotions and oils needed.

*Aye, the Little one is kicking me. He knows I'm 'talking' about him.*

It's partly exciting and partly scary... to start all over again with a new born.
Each one is precious.
Each one is different.
We wonder how this one will be.

Even both the boys are waiting and asking how long more?


Angeline said...

These are great goals!!! But always remember, go at the pace where your child is comfortable, especially the weaning off from the bottle...

I missed those baby-kicks in the tummy... Awwww....

(hey girl, I saw both my blogs on your list. Wow! Thank you so much! Yours are on both my lists too *wink*)

milochel said...

hmm max sounds so independent~~!!!

little prince's mummy said...

Diaperless nite? Great job!~

Ann said...

Max is indeed doing great! 3 already? They grow up so fast, don't they!

And what loads of stories you will hear when de-de follows ko-ko to school!

Looking forward to welcoming #3!!! Can I come visit you?

JLow said...

Max is a cute little guy; he cracks me up everytime I see him speak! Steady voice and steady speech, very assertive, which makes it even cuter/funnier!

I am glad he is keeping to his word. Early last year I taught my 4 yr old Caitlin about promises and keeping to one's word, and these days I have to be careful what I say to her! Talk about biting back!

But it works both ways, and it's a good "tool" to get them to toe the line.

Will extend this to punctuality once she knows how to read the time.

Caleb turns 1 this week! He still wakes at night for feeds; something both Hot Mummee and I really dread. We are both a little bit night-owl-ish, and these feeds do not bode well when we still have to wake for work the next morning!

I don't envy you with the newborn and night multiple-feeds! But the thing that really got me with both my kids were (are!) their poop. BABY POOP ACTUALLY MAKES ME DRY-RETCH!


Our Jouneys.... said...

hi....u must be proud of your kids. Eh..visit my bloglah...i know i didn't write much (my boring blog)but i wrote 2 alreadi...

So see u there ok...

Moomykin said...



I suppose somethings needs a bit more of a push and some "training", but we will see how well/bad the impact will be. Yes, must see what the child is able to cope with.

This little one is just like hs two older bro, very active, kicking all the time.
So we can rather predict he will be like my 2 big monkeys. Hahahaha...

Moomykin said...


Yeah, this little darling... Some times more independent, but other times like a sticky tape!! Hahahaha...


little prince's mummy,

Yeah, he decided on that himself.

Actually for a few times I had noted a dry diaper in the morning, but sometimes he will wake up, get off the bed then declare he has just pee-peed in his diapers. So I kept it on for that reason.
But am looking forward to saving some diapers money for the coming one. :D

Moomykin said...


Oh, yeah. They sure grow up fast.

I am just glad he is still a little baby-ish for now. Makes him still a super cuddle-magnet.

You are most welcome to come visit... though we are at a rather far end of the city from you. Just SMS me in time to come.

Moomykin said...


It is a thrill to hear Max talk. Of late he has been following his brother trying to tell jokes, and we actually laugh more out of his cuteness than the joke itself.

Caleb will be 1 already?!!
My, time sure flies. Soon he will be running all over the place and holding a conversations or demanding for things verbally.

Yeah... A new one will be here sooner than we think.

Moomykin said...

Our journeys,

Ok. will drop by.

hissychick said...

Well done to both you (for the nursing) and Max (for the dry nights!)