Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dates and Updates

I have two important dates coming up this weekend:

1. A friend is back from the States and we are doing a kind of reunion with some old school friends. Every time she takes this long trip back we all really make an effort to meet up.
Yay! Looking forward to that.

2. A close friend's son is turning 2.
We missed the first birthday celebration as we were out of town, so MUST go this time round.

For now,

1. Gadget-daddy's in Singapore for work this week.
The boys and I have been so spoilt with his being around since last November that we miss him terribly.
Max would ask a few times a day, "Is Daddy coming home yet?"

2. My blooming baby, 36 weeks+, is making me look like I have a watermelon under my shirt.
Today I walked up a flight of stairs with my sister, talking to her along the way. When we reached the top of the stairs, I was panting and felt my heart working double the time to get oxygen to my brain. This little guy is still doing his stretching and wiggling at night.

3. Micah was sick the last two days.
He had high fever for 2 days and cried almost all the time of some pain or discomfort. But he was better today, no fever, and insisted on wanting to go to school.
He wanted to give the flowers to the teachers that were meant for Valentine's day.
I asked the teacher to keep an eye on him and call me, as I was in the neighbourhood, if he starts running a temperature or coughs badly.
Glad everything turned out well.

4. Max has taken to singing to himself loudly -
songs from school, but he can't seem to remember the whole song so he will either repeat two lines of some nursery rhymes like a broken record, or will just fill in with his own words, and gibberish and laughs aloud.
e.g. Peas porridge hot,
Peas porridge cold,
Peas porridge in the air-cond!!
(throws his hands in the air and laughs.)

5. We have decided on a name for the no.3 boy.
The only thing now is to see if the name would suite his face.

6. Of late, I have been feeling that this one's going to do some dramatic entry into the world, compared to my first two who were late in their arrival.
Hang in there, baby. Wait till after this weekend before you claim a share in this world.
Daddy wants to be here to be the first to welcome you.


A gift from God said...

So exciting... I can't wait to see the baby and know his name...hehe

Ann said...

oh....hope daddy is around too when the littel one decides to make his arrival.

Glad Micah is alright. And that max is as creative as always!

God bless your ltitle family and continue to look over you and your littlest one!

JLow said...

I love this post!

Yes, hang in there little man, wait for Daddy!

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,

Yeah, it's going to be exciting.

Re. the baby's name, I did check with my mom if she could say it, and she kinda passed. Not accurately but good enough.

Moomykin said...



I am at the stage where you just can't wait for the baby to be out... but at the same time you know it'll actually be "harder" with another little one demanding attention.

When I was expecting Micah, this was the stage I was busy trying to meet up with friends and students before I go into maternity leave and "disappear" for a month! Hahaha.

Moomykin said...



Gadget-daddy actually asked us all to go down with him to Singapore, but I did not want to disrupt the boys' routine nor take the risk of being sent back at the border, being so pregnant at this stage.

*lynne* said...

i'm looking forward to seeing u this weekend! :)

Moomykin said...


Same same.