Saturday, 28 February 2009

We Are Still Here

Hi. We are still here.
Nope, we have not suddenly rushed off to the hospital... yet.

Thanks for dropping by and for all your comments on the last post.

Gadget-daddy has been rather busy in front of the computer, doing work. Hence, not much of a chance for me to sit in to respond to your comments (all so nice and encouraging) nor the opportunity to "visit" you too.

The blame is not entirely on him. I too have been feeling lazy when I am not with the boys or trying to sort some things before the arrival of the baby.

Also (confession time), I have been addicted to a new game on the iPod touch, called word warp. It's a word game.

Anyway, while I am now busy buying stuff in preparation for the arrival (disposable diapers, wet wipes, breastpads),
Gadget daddy has set up a new site for the coming of the baby.
It's suppose to be for those who are interested on live feeds of what's happening.
The site is:

This was just like what he did when we were expecting Micah.

So should I expect at some point of my labor I'd be screaming in pain only to find the hand I'm suppose to be squeezing is gone and busy typing something on the iPhone? Hmmm... probably.

Maybe I'd be asking something like

"What's the time?"
And be answered by a "Hmm? Mmm... Errr..."

"How heavy is the baby?"
"Errmm.. mmm... one moment, dear..."

Oh boy... Less than two weeks to go.


TripleJin said...

Hokay....still around.

At least u know the sex of your lil one. I had to ask THREE times, whilst someone was sewing me up, whether it was a boy or girl.


Moomykin said...


Hahaha... was it because you could not believe what you heard or you were drugged?

I too have checked with my doc three times in total during the untrasound scans.

So a name is on the way, got the Chinese name, but have not finalised the English name.
Want to look at his face first.

TripleJin said...

Heheh.... Still around ah...

Why not you put your twitter into your blog..then we can all see it once?

Anyway, can't plant pandan here. The weather makes it impossible to plant it here. I'd love old home in KL was overtaken by my pandan. heehheheh...

Ann said...

Yeah...I also logged in to check if you were still around! :)

anticipation anticipation....

Moomykin said...


Thanks for the suggestion on the twitter link bit.
will get to it.

Too bad about the pandan, ya?



Yeah... anticipation indeed.