Thursday, 19 February 2009

Found Them CNY Pix


I finally located the photos I had intended to put up in the last post, but was just too tired to think clearly where to look for them.

So here are the shots of:

Tea Ceremony at Ah MA's -

Lion dance in action -

Me and the two kids on my knees.

More happy shots of the kids -

My Boys:Their cousins:

Our Family Pix: CNY 2009


Tina said...

gorgeous pics of the kiddies. the lion dance looks fasinating

TripleJin said...

I sure miss the lion dance. Not the firecrackers tho.

You're about the pop soon right? Take it easy yea.... no sudden moves! Heh..

Ann said...

A good tradition to keep - tea ceremony. Not many families do it these days.

A boy on each lap....can imagine when the 3rd one comes along! :)

by the way, you look radiant!

Moomykin said...



If you have not come round to this part of the world yet, do plan a visit. We'd love to host anyone and show you around the Malaysian culture.

Chinese New year falls around January or February, depending on the Chinese Lunar Calender. I'm sure you can Google that up for a certain year when you plan to come. It'll also be a great escape from the cold for your family.

Moomykin said...


I actually have not seen a lion dance for the last few years. Usually hubby or the boys' uncle would take them to a neighbouring house when we hear the drums, but I'd be busy in the kitchen.
This year was exceptional.

Yes, am now 37 weeks, so it can be anytime from now.

Moomykin said...


We like doing the tea ceremony. Here at home with my in-laws, they are not so into it. In fact, this year my Fil gave the boys their ang-pows on new years' eve. How-laa to do tea ceremony an d receive and-pow again?

"you look radiant"
Really? Thanks. Actually, with this hot weather I am mopping my face all the time with a tissue. hahaha...

Angeline said...

aiyo!!!! The pictures are awesome!!!
showed my boys, who are lion dance fans, the photos and they kept staring at it. the next moment, they picked up their lion heads and started dancing away!!! *laugh*

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Moomykin, very nice pictures. Nice photo of you and family.
Hey, I love love those beautiful mother of pearl furniture. Have always loved them, really beautiful.

Once again, great shots, Mommykin.
Keep well, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Your boys are so cute!!

You must have been so entertained by the lion dance in your house.

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

Thanks. These shots were actually taken by my hubby while I was directly involved most of the events.

My Dad was the one who was into all these antiquities. So my mom has these in the house in memory of him now.

mumsgather said...

The kids look very happy on the antique chairs. :) Wow~ 37th week now. Time flies.

InfanT said...

nice family photo! i can't wait to see the 3rd M junior. Wondering he'll look like you or mike.

Moomykin said...


the kids are quite cooperative, except my second one. just kept making funny faces. :)

Yes, time flies. The baby so heavy now I walk like an old woman, or a duck, every time I get up from a sitting position because the wight clips my hip joint. Not at all graceful. Hahaha.

Moomykin said...


We too are waiting to see this little boy. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Everyone's laughing and smiling so happily!~ Great Pix