Saturday, 7 February 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

I did it.
I took a look at the huge bundle of babies clothes and kinda sorted everything out.

These are the "sorted" piles.

There are actually two stacks of clothes, one for new born, and the other for 3 months and above.

There's also a stack of nappy, nappy pants and all the assortments of mittens, bootees, bibs and hats.

All these are from my sister in Singapore whose boy will turn 2 in May.

Interestingly half the clothes were those that had belonged to Micah, then passed to Max, and then to her son. There were also a few that were Max's "new clothes". I also recognised a few that were given by me for her son when he was about due. Now they are all back here again, in my room.

I had washed the cloth nappies, and while I was putting them out, a cockroach flew into the balcony. Eeek, indeed!!
So I brought them in and now they are in the landing, still a little damp after sitting under the fan for a couple of hours.

A brief inventory of the clothings:
(Actually, I didn't count the real clothing items yet as I want to wash them first)

45 pieces of cloth nappies
44 pairs of bootees (not counting 3 brand new ones still in it's original plastic pack and maybe 6 one-sides)
32 pairs of mittens
12 bibs
8 "hats" (more like a big sock for the head. Hahahaha.)

After all the sorting and washing and tidying up, I just can't do the next thing I had on my list of chores - ironing.
Guess that'll have to wait for tomorrow.

Now I need to lie down and rest my aching back.


A gift from God said...

Just wanted to share,

yesterday at playgroup, Micah and Max and the rest of the kindy kids joined us for some CNY fun. Your kids proudly demonstrated the Lion Dance to all of us. So cool. :)

I wanted to take a video but Reese was giving me trouble. :)

TripleJin said...

Wow..that's a lotta cloth nappies. I guess you are going with cloth diapering? I couldn't. The laundry would just KILL me!

Take it easy more hiking yea. March is coming pretty soon already!

Tina said...

i feel your pain! you must have been so tired! im like that i get into something then cant be bothered to do anything else lol

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,


Mable actually got a photo opf that for my as I had left my camera with her.

I had wanted to stay for the CNY party but had to run an errand with my mom in town.

Moomykin said...


We are considering doing the cloth nappy thing, but will see how it goes after the first month. If I am going to be out with the baby a lot then, maybe will not use that as much.

Yeah, March is round the corner.
No more hiking for now.

Moomykin said...


Yeah, I guess sometimes that's just about as much your body can take.

Ann said...

Wow....that is a whole load of clothing!

I remember when Christopher was born, EVERYWHERE was filled with only his stuff...conviniently placed for any baby process!

Hope you are at peace.

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Glad i got most of my things sorted out. Just need to do a bit of furniture moving around the room.

Hope your house is coming along ok.