Saturday, 4 April 2009

Almost Five And Pretty Funny

Entertaining us:
Micah has been entertaining us with his very funny antics and jokes.

A couple of songs he came up with:

Eat some leaves*
Eat some leaves from the tippy-toppy trees
Eat some leaves
The ones covered with bird poo-poo are the best


1, 2 ,3, 4, 5,
Once I caught a dead fish,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Then I let it go again.
Why did you let it go,
Because it is already dead
It is already dead,
So you cannot eat it.

His favourite jokes are (thanks to Tigger):

Why do birds fly south for the winter?
Because it's too far to walk.

Who stole the soap out of the bath room?
The rubber (robber) duckie, because it's a robber and a duck, so it steals.

Micah also likes to quote the funny parts from the shows, at least the parts he thinks are funny.
The other funny thing he likes to do is to re-enact snippets from his cartoon, and this sometimes he will tell you, "Look, Mom. I'll do it again for you - in SLOW motion." And those can really send you rolling on the floor, especially with the facial expressions.

Entertaining himself:
The other day, while his two little brothers were napping, he wanted to do some painting.
Not painting on a paper, but his truck.

He also drew this when we were playing pretend in the room.

The poster was to show our room is a "Cat's Feeding Room."

At other times he will be racing around the house, jumping on the beds in every room and playing at the back yard with the cats.

He loves babies, since the time he was very little.

Max and Myron, 2009

Micah and Max, 2005

Micah and cousin Xue Han, 2007

you are so funny and so brilliant.
Stay happy and creative, my boy.
You are so special and we love you so much.

*When I asked him why he did not sing his "Eat the leaves" song to his teachers,
he said, "It's embarrassing. It's only for you."
That made me laugh.


Ann said...

He knows he can be silly and serious, funny and frantic with mummy and he will be loved and accepted irregardless....

Such is the love of a patient mother!

little prince's mummy said...

cute pose..

Angeline said...

he is a bundle of joy, aren't he? *smile* You are a very blessed mommy.

Uncle Lee said...

Looks like you got a joker in the family now, can turn off the tV, ha ha.
Its good kids can joke and have fun.
You have fun and have a great week,Lee.

Moomykin said...



Love in action speaks a volume. And the kids sure know who are they people who love them.

Moomykin said...

Little prince's mummy,


He loves to play more than anything else - more than food, sleep or going out to a mall. Maybe the other thing he loves as much as play is his mlk in his bottle!!

Moomykin said...

Uncle Lee,

Yes. He is really nice to have a chat with, and he can really surprise us by the things he can remember. He really has an amazing memory.