Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Hello, You.

I have been dropping by to visit at your sites, but the internet connection has been so slow that I actually can't get the comments posted up. and so after a while... I give up.
(It has also succeeded in demotivating me to blog coz it takes ages and a few rounds of resending a post. Grrr..)

So here's telling you have been peeking at your place.

Over here it's been exhausting to be back into fully breastfeeding a little one.
Maaan! I have forgotten how draining it can be.
All the night feeds is one thing to handle but actually getting the nutrients sucked out of you (literally)... I feel my energy being sapped out of me.

Oh, I am not complaining in a sense.
I love being so close and cuddling my little on e and doing the thing only a Mommy can do. It's just harder when you have 2 other boys to attend to (which I also enjoy very much) and a hubby who also likes some attention (like making him a sandwich, or getting him a cold drink while he sits with two computers on).

My ever impossible wish is that, "Oh, only if I have as much energy as when I was 18!!


Ann said... take care then! My aunt always used to tell me have a cuppa (milk/milo) with you everytime before or during the breastfeeding....have to keep food all around you now since you need your energy!

One month is up....can eat ANYTHING now! :)

Moomykin said...


Thank you for all your support and friendship. I really appreciate you.