Monday, 13 April 2009

Cry Baby, Cry Mommy

We finally got another series of blood test done for Myron.
His prolonged jaundice is more serious than we thought.
He will be heading back for more photo therapy.

Today at the hospital poor little Myron cried his lungs out when the doctor had to prick him twice and drained 3 tiny test tubes of blood for a series of tests.
Gadget-daddy was in the room, but busy with with on his computer (or just pretending to be?), so Mommy helped the nurse sooth the baby while he cried like for the longest time.
When they pricked him the second time, Mommy walked to Gadget-daddy. His turn was up. Now he patted Myron to try to calm him while the doctor drew blood from his tiny hand.

The doctor suggested "fasting" the baby off breast milk to see if that was the cause of the jaundice.
He warned us it would be difficult.
He gave some nice-looking pre-mixed formula in a bottle (look like for space travel!!) to supplement. more like for a replacement and then bring Myron back on Wednesday for more tests. Mommy has to be in another room, or the baby would smell me and refuse the milk.
He warned us it would be difficult.
He warned us that the baby will cry, and at the end, the Mommy will cry too.

He was right.
We actually tried only once.
After a long day of emotional stress for Mommy and baby, it was all we could take.
I took him back to nurse him in the room and tears just came down like someone had pressed the "on" button.

I called the doctor later and told him he was right.
We will bring the baby in for photo therapy tomorrow.
No need to wait till Wednesday.


A gift from God said...

Hang in there... He will be alright...will pray for you...

Cuddly Family said...

he will make it thru hun.

I cant believe the doc said the breastmilk is the cause of the jaundice!? hurmph!

Myron is a smart boy, he knows the good stuff :) and he's a tough fella, make it thru. he's so alert and happy, he'll be fine.

hang in there hun!! HUGS

Ann said...

There are many schools of thought with regard to the breast milk....but one logic which I could accept was that giving formula usually means more 'solid' so the baby's discharge will be more and thus more of the bilirubin will be discharged as well.

He will be in good hands at the hospital. Don't worry....if anything at all, the nurses will be ther to monitor him round the clock!

It will be alright mummy....we will pray for him and for you.

InfanT said...

Myron will be fine. Trust in Lord for He's our Healer.

TripleJin said...

Actually, there is such a thing as breastmilk jaundice. I didn't listen to the dr with my 2nd baby, but for the third, I decided, a few days of formula, is better than few days in phototherapy.

And it really worked. I just pumped and pumped the few days...and of course, had to freeze it. Hang in there...whichever way you decide. Myron will make it through..

little prince's mummy said...

Hope Myron will be alright real soon!

Linda said...

Hang in there.... wish everything back to normal again very soon....

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear about little Myron, isn’t it just heart breaking when they are sick? I know I was so stressed when my daughter came home with jaundice, between the sleep deprivation and the constant feedings I was so run down. The doctor told me that it was important to keep track of every feeding and diaper so I was thrilled when I found Baby Insights which I used to track everything. You can read more about it at
Hope Myron is feeling better soon!

hissychick said...

Hope Myron is OK soon. Hang in there Kathie and take care xx

Jess said...

Sincerely hope your bb will be alright! Take care....

Our Jouneys.... said...

Hang in alright...I know you will Myron and you will pull through. You are a strong one...praying for u! Love

Angeline said...

My boys had breastmilk jaundice. Yes, its a substance in my breastmilk that causes it. But it was perfectly ok according to the doctors, it just take a longer time for the jaundice level to go down. So I did not stop full breastfeeding at all. I'm not sure if its the same case for you.

But I know how it feels like to be 'shut off' from your baby... and to see him cry like that.. the needles.. Ooooo... I can imagine the sharp pain in your heart, cos' when the doctors did that to my niece I cried. Just too painful to watch.