Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bottles' A-Busted

Myron is putting up a battle.
A battle with his grandma.
Actually, a battle with the bottles.

I take the 2 older ones to school every morning, Tuesday to Friday, and leave Myron with my mil. I leave him at home to give him a bit more time from exposure to the pollution in a bustling part of our city. I also leave him at home because I want to train him to drink from the bottle (I express) but it is slowly showing to be a plan heading towards failure.

The baby is complaining more and more each time he is given the bottle. Today, after two weeks of fighting with the bottle, mil was desperate. Myron was actually fed with a syringe.

The reason for this practise is because Max was fully breastfed at the breast for 3 years. He now refuses any kind of milk other than a u.h.t. chocolate milk. Of course we are concern for his lack of intake of calcium and other nutrients in milk, although he is eating well. Anyway, my intent was to have Myron continue drinking milk after I wean him.

We shall see how this all turns out eventually.

Micah and Max
with some of their classmates.


Cuddly Family said...

I nursed k for18.5months. have a year, slowly intro fresh milk (not formula). He LOVES his milk. As do the Js. Its prob he enjoys the mummy time etc.. you can start expressing etc when he's a bit older maybe. How long did u nurse micah for? I know afew who've nursed for the same time you have and they do like milk. Perhaps it depends.

does he like cheese etc?

Ann said...

Ummm....boyboy is showing signs of wanting to STOP milk....and it is not becuase of the bottle!

My mum also told me I stopped drinking formula quite young....and indeed went on to fresh milk instead.

Not sure if I make real sense....

Linda said...

tough ones :)

Moomykin said...

I nursed Micah for 14 months and stopped because I had sores. I was also working for the first year I had him and mil would supplement with formula at times I got home late. Maybe that's why he is more ready to take other milk.

Max was nursing till he turned 3. He never had a bottle and would drink water from the cup from 4 months.

Yeah, guess Myron and mil will look forward to then the baby's a little older and will be going everywhere with me also.
:D Oo.. 3 tag-a-long's!!

Moomykin said...


Boyboy is already almost 2 and can start him on fresh milk. Nice cold fresh milk might get him to want to drink milk again.



Yeah. We mummies always have different things we have to sort out, eh?

Glad your girls like their milk. Good for them.