Saturday, 20 June 2009

Can't Juggle Three...

I can't juggle three balls, my boys already knew.
Mommy can only do two and even that she can't keep it up for more than a minute. Sometimes less than 10 seconds.

Similarly, it looks like she can't handle three boys.

Well, it's really the age gap.

The first 2 are a year and half apart, so they are basically in the same age range. They both do all the same things, except the first one has his skill a little more refined, while the other is coming along slowly but surely.

Myron is just a gap away.
And the gap right now seems to be a pretty big one.
All this little cutie does is feed, sleep and poop.
Actually, he is starting to demand a bit more attention, and specifically, attention from Mommy.

Myron is refusing being fed by grandma still, and his persistence gets stronger everyday. I am sure if it were not for the fact that there's this terrible A(H1N1) bug going around, plus news of hand-foot-mouth in the area near the boys' school, Grandma would have brought the baby out with us everyday.

And so they battle everyday when it comes to feeding time. According to Grandma, he refuses to sleep sometimes too, forcing her to carry him and try to entertain him for the 4 hours Mommy is out with the two koh-kohs.

So Mommy has been accused to having "abandoned" the baby on days when she takes the boys out extra long, i.e. dropping by Ah Ma's house after school.

Oh, but how could a Mommy forget a cutie with a face like this?

Just be patient a little longer, darling.
Soon, soon, when the weather is a little better and the world seems a little less threatening. We will spend endless days together, and your brothers will be showing you off to every one they meet too!

I can already imagine the things we would do, darling, Myron, while your brothers have to be in school. Yes, we would be having fun!!


JLow said...

Saddens me too when I see my kids' age gap so big with their closest cousins. Caitlin's 4, the closest one of her cousin is already in secondary 3...

She has no playfriends; its usually Daddee who entertains her. Caleb is still too young though they are starting to play together, though Caitlin still needs to learn patience because of the simpleness of her little brother. I hope he start getting "complicated" enough soon so that they can then start sharing more.

MeRy said...

Ur little boy is so cute..chubby!!

Ann said...

Abandon huh! mummy will do that if she can help it! What more with such a little darling like that!

When he starts walking around and running...I think the age gap disappears! hahaha... are right...soon soon....when the world is less threatening....what fun you two will have!

little prince's mummy said...

Be more patient yeah.. little myron...

Moomykin said...


Very soon Caleb will get pretty "complicated". And it's gonna be hard for them to not play-fight-play-fight the whole day through.

I think the hardest part for them would then be to decide what to play together. :D

Moomykin said...


He is the chubbiest of the lot. My first has always been a thin boy, but am glad that he's well and healthy. That's really the most important bit.

Moomykin said...


Yeah. Equality in meeting their demand for time and attention is really the difficult part.

The baby needs to nurse, but also needs other stimulation, but he can't quite asks for what he wants; while the other two are constantly calling out "Mommy, mommy..." and half the time get denied or have to be referred to to a grandparent if Daddy's not home.

It seems equal number of adult to child is still not an equal equation. Go figure.

Moomykin said...

Little Prince's Mummy.