Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Drama: Mommy To The Rescue

In the bed room, Gadget-daddy was already snoring from a very busy 3-day trip to Singapore. Mom was nursing the baby who keeps opening his eyes whenever Mommy talks, despite being terribly sleepy. Micah and Max were playing on the floor with a bit of a racket.

Micah: Mom, I have two problems. Can you help me?

Mom: What is it?

Micah: One, I lost a tyre for my car, the white one*. Two, I lost the car I built, the one Tua Ku (big uncle from your mom's side) gave me for my birthday last time.

Mom: Well, ok... but I have three problems.

Micah: Well, what is it?

Mom: One, I need to get Myron to sleep. Two, I need to take my dinner. And three, I have to solve your two problems.

Micah: OH. Ok, Mom. I will go try look for my car first.

Mom done nursing Myron and moves him to a more comfortable spot after burping him. I found the lost tyre under Myron (how did it get there you wonder).

Mom: Micah, here I found the lost tyre to your car.

Micah: Oh, Thanks, Mom.

Mom goes downstairs to check through two toy boxes, but no trace of what was wanted. She sits down to eat her dinner. It's already 10pm.
Micah got Max and Grandpa to look through all the possible spots upstairs for the constructed car. But they could not find it.
Mom had a flash of revelation.

Mom: Micah, did you look in the blue box?

Micah: I did already, Mom. It's not there.

Mom goes upstairs, her right hand peppered with rice and sambal (it was nasi lemak for dinner). She sees the blue box emptied out in the playroom and she headed there, but knew she was looking for the wanted car in the guest room, flicked on the light and fished the toy from a basket of toys behind a mattress that was leaning against the wall.

It was almost as if she was the one who had kept the car, but it was actually Micah who had hidden it from his brother a few weeks ago. Mom had seen it a couple of weeks back when she was looking for something else in that room.

Mom: Here, Micah. I found it.

Micah: Thanks, mom. Now all my problems are solved.

Micah goes downstairs, looks trough a manual and declares:
Mom, I have a problem again. I don't know how to build this harvester.

Mom: Tomorrow, Micah. I'm getting ready for bed now. You are not going to school** tomorrow, so you have the whole morning to do it.

Micah: But, Mom, I have to do this now. I have no time tomorrow. I have so much work to do tomorrow.

Mom (bewildered): So much work? What work do you have to do?

Micah: I have to sweep and mop the floor...

Mom: "Sweep and mop the floor"?!! What floor?

Micah: Errm.. I mean I have a lot of work to do. I have to ride my new scooter (Birthday present from Tua-Ee, big aunty on Mom's side), and check all my toys....

Mom (suppressing her giggles): Micah, there will be time for you to do all your work tomorrow. I'm going up now. I need to send Max to school tomorrow. Good night.

Micah goes off to bug Grandpa while Mom goes up to get a very sleepy Max ready for bed. Eventually Micah comes up to bed.
It was almost twelve by then.

---- Lights Out ----

* The car was a birthday present from his very special friend who had moved to another country. The present arrived earlier today by mail, much to the thrill of everyone at home.

**We were at the doctor's today because Micah has been coughing the last two days. He was diagnosed with a lung infection, with mucus in his lungs. Now he is on 3 different medication and will probably stay home the rest of the week.


Ann said...

oh...hope Micah will be ok soon. As long as it is nothing serious and it is treatable....it will be ok.

hahaha....mummy has to solve everyone's problems and still solve her own. And you can still keep your wits about you. Salute!

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Micah is getting better, but the rest of us are starting to get a cough, either from him or it's the haze, or both.

Sometimes I wonder if we should do so much for them, or if we should just "abandon" them and let them go figure it out themselves....