Friday, 26 June 2009


The boys came out of school proudly showing their masterpieces to their parents and Ee-ee.

Materials used: 2 toilet paper centers, 1 kitchen towel center, half a styrofoam cup, plastic boards and paint.

Thank you, teachers of Cornerstone Kindy. You are so brilliant and creative!
I'm so glad my boys have teachers like you.

Later they played with the planes the whole afternoon until another car ride out.

Now I am thinking of how I can hang them up to make it look like they are flying... but the boys probably still want to play with them.


hissychick said...

Fabulous planes, clever boys!

Will have to show A and get crafting as she currently wants to be a pilot.

Ann said...

Great when the kindy really cultivates this creativity in kids.

Put a string through the front and run perhaps could fly?

Moomykin said...



Hope you all have fun making your own.



Oh, I'm sure they wish the planes could fly.

Right now they are still sitting in the midst of their other toys on the coffee table.
It's been declared before: This house belongs to the kids.

Blessed mum said...

Oh! i like the plane! so well done! hmm..maybe I can copied this idea and do it with Nicholas too! thanks!

Moomykin said...

Blessed Mum,

You're welcome.

Have fun.