Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Myron:3.5 Months

Myron is now three and a half months.

It's been an exciting addition to our family since Myron came along.
For all of us, we are busier than we could ever imagine, with this little cutie to attend to.

He is on his way achieving turning over from lying on his back to his belly.
When propped up on an adult pillow, he does it in no time.
When he is flat on the bed, he is just almost there.

His favourite song is the ABC, but we also sing all kinds of song to him. Sometimes we just hum something we just make up along the way while rocking and patting him to sleep.

For some development and stimulation, Mommy pasted these pictures by the corner of the bed.

It seems, rbw, red-black-white. are the colors that causes something to be switched on in their brain.

These are the two toys he loves to play with right now:

The soft dolphin and the Hey Diddle-diddle.

Other times, especially while nursing he would be playing with his ear, the handkerchief or mummy's shirt.

He is a really happy baby. He loves to talk back to you when you talk to him, and when you sing the ABC, he will giggle every time you pause at the end of a line.

Like father, like son, Myron also is drawn to gadget-daddy's gadgets.
Hmmm... What are they looking at on daddy's iPhone?
Myron's eyes are glued to the screen.

He always look at the direction of where his two brothers are playing and he will start waving his arms and kicking his legs in the air. Bet he can't wait to be able to run off and join them at play.

He started "eating" his hand about a month back.
Sometimes you can really hear the slurping sound. Are you hands so delicious?

He rarely cries unless he is really sleepy but not put to the breast or not being rocked and patted.

He also cries when he needs to be burped. This is because he is afraid that he might vomit.
He is quite prone to vomiting after a feed. Hence he knows that awful feeling of something coming up the gut and usually wails to be lifted upright.
Clever, isn't he?

He sometimes cries very terribly in his sleep, but it's a good thing it's less frequent now. This I'm certain is because of nightmares from all the needles he'd experienced while having his prolonged jaundice.
Poor darling.

Of late, we noticed that he is starting to be more particular about strangers and strange places.

The other day, when some of his grandaunts came to visit, he cried when one of them spoke to him. He first purse his lower lip, then burst into a wail. He was consoled when grandma took him away from the "stranger".
He also cried the other day when we went into a coffee shop for lunch. He looked around the place and then pursed his lower lip and then cried. He was only consoled when Grandma handed him to Mommy. In Mommy's arms, he sobbed for a moment and then was perfectly calmed down. Isn't he too young to be doing this?

Everyone loves this beautiful boy.

Myron, you are so precious to us.
Everyday we give thanks to the Almighty for such a gift as lovely as you.


Cuddly Family said...

aww they grow so fast. I guess stranger anxiety is abt 4-6mth plus starting point.

I understand with the h1n1 stuff among other things it is a worry, he prob enjoy gallivanting :) Poor k got dragged everywhere wt me hehe.

he's such a cutie!!! hehehe wanna cubbbbit. :D

mil0chel said...

wahh.. rbw turned my brain on..~~ TIME FOR LABS!!!

TripleJin said...

Hmm...saw ur twitter that whole family is down with the flu. Hope lil bubba will be ok.. take care

hissychick said...

Myron is just so gorgeous :)

Hope you are all recovering from the flu, there's just so many bugs going around at the moment.

Ann said...

Oh....my dear....he is growing so fast. And I have yet to see him!!! Must make it a point to come by. And you can tell me how to get to Lookout Point!

You are so creative with your stimuation ideas. Your kids benefit from it totally!

Moomykin said...


Actually I think the boys at one point or another would enjoy being with Mom all the time. :)

Then they come to an age where they'd rather do their own things because your chores and errands are so boring. Hahaha...



Hope you are enjoying your classes. We miss you heaps.

Moomykin said...


Poor baby has fever. Hope he'll be ok.

I'm bracing for "No sleep for mommy tonight".




We are actually having more of a cough and sore-throat bug here. That's what's giving poor Myron a fever.

Moomykin said...


There will still be time. :)

caught up with our blog the other day but could not leave a comment.
Waaah! Your boy boy in nursery school. So fast!! And he looks so grown up in his uniform. *gasp*

Cuddly Family said...

Kin, they still enjoy all that. They still like to help (if no play or tv is already ongoing lol). They have to do chores muahhahaha

I started the Js on a weekly allowance. Write in the book, they put the money in a special box (different to the coin boxes). It's marked down if it;'s deducted for any reason. Losing stuff in school etc etc.

Moomykin said...

Ah... getting them into chores: Soon enough! now they are quite good at picking up their toys when asked to, and also put their cups into the sink.

Micah tried folding clothes, but decided he could and would only do handkerchiefs, for now. Hahaha...

Blessed mum said...

wow, he is on his way to turning already?! that's so fast! and he is sooo chubby!!!

Moomykin said...

Blessed mum,

he already did his turn, now just a few days shy of 4 months.

Myron is very round and so good to cuddle.