Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Belated Post: London says Hello

Last week we actually met up with an old school friend.

She has been staying in London since the time she went there to study. She then worked there a short while while waiting for her convocation, and there met her husband, and now she comes back about once a year.

She and Ee-ee were classmates, but now that we are all adults, honestly, age is really just a number that's more important to your doctors and medical insurance agents.

Anyway, (sorry, I digress) we are always happy to see her and her son, Jonathan. We ate lunch at Marco's Pizza, ordered our usual favourites and we three ladies talked non-stop, either to each other or our boys in between. It sure was a lot of chatter. :D

When Micah was a couple of months old, she was back and came to visit at my place. Since then babies and kids are always in our conversations. She has a son, but she also fosters babies.

We always enjoy meeting up with old friends, and do a quick catch up.

Here's Aunty Karen and her son Johnathan with my boys.


Ann said...

Aaahh....always good to meet old friends. You are really great to be able to handle the kids on your own. Good that your MIL comes along to help!

Moomykin said...


Oh, I just love catching up with old friends... Guess it's the social-bug me.

Mil hangs on to Myron like he is the last jewel on earth! Hahaha...
Just so precious.