Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Mother's Watch

Myron has a temperature.

It's not high enough to register as fever on the digital thermometer, but he is pretty warm to the touch. 37.4 was his highest reading. Grandma said he has had a fright*, but it could also be that he is just teething.

Between midnight and 4am he was moaning in his sleep quite a bit, requiring Mommy to either nurse him, or pick him up to pat him, if he refused to nurse.

Max woke up.
I think he was dreaming of transformers, because that's what he started talking about.

Apart from that, he also busied himself with buttoning and unbuttoning his pajama shirt. He sure picked a swell time for some fine-motor skill practise.

Myron had had one more feed and his temperature had obviously come down a little (obvious to the touch, sparing the sleeping baby a beep at his ear).

Max kept asking if it's morning yet and wants to start playing with his toys.

Mommy's now sitting at the computer, but keeps telling him to lie down in bed and make himself sleep, but he is still whispering to himself, quoting bits and pieces of the script from a show (I think it's Transformers).

Now, if I am to get back to sleep, I am quite certain I will find it really hard to wake up in time to get the boys ready for school...

Myron "making noise" in his sleep again...
Gotta go check on him.

This is Myron's new teether...

And here's Myron in action:

Have a good day.

* It's a common Asian belief to say that a child who had had a fright/ traumatised to develop fever as well as nightmares, resulting in restless sleep and loss of appetite.


A gift from God said...

Gosh.... I really know think I can cope with 3 kids...hehehe. You take good care of yourself!

Linda said...

u don't need to sleep? very keng ah... hopefully u can sneak in some sleep during the day...

teething and fever... need to be extra careful if it reach 38+ degree celcius....

mumsgather said...

Oh dear. You better "watch" yourself too. Try to get some rest whenever you can.

Ann said...

Tough night for mummy too! Hope you don't catch anything!

Cute teether! Very rounded! :)

hahaha.....Max Max....good he didnt wake the kor kor!

little prince's mummy said...

Myron's hairstyle is so cute.. ha!

Moomykin said...

A gift from God,


I could never have imagined myself with 3 or more either... but it's quite good how things are turning out quite alright.

Moomykin said...



I do hope to sneak in a snooze, yes.




You're right. Can't care for them if I need to be cared for myself.

Moomykin said...


Yeah. Actually I think this is the toughest night since Myron came along... Rather, I think this was the toughest night Myron had ever given me. He is a darling, really.

Max did actually tried waking his brother, but Micah was just too deep in his sleep, so I'm glad Max went back to sleep, too, after that.

Moomykin said...

little prince's mummy,


It's all natural, btw. The hair looks like those pictures of olden time boys in Chinese New year cards, ya?

TripleJin said...

You're right about not trusting the thermometer too much. When we touch, we know whether it's too hot for the lil one or not.

I've read somewhere about diff. temps for diff ages..and even at a low temp 37C (for adults), it's considered quite high for babies under 1. So, continue monitoring him.

Moomykin said...


Thanks. I always feel better with the support and input of other moms.

Blessed mum said...

what coincidence!! My baby had a temp of 37.4 on the same day!!!

why Max woke up so EARLY?? and playing with buttons at such ungodly hours? Poor mommy, must be very tired the whole night.

Moomykin said...

Blessed mum,

hope your baby is better now.
Myron still have nose congestion, but no more fever. Phew.

Max: well, it's not a habit, so I think he was up because too much movement by Mommy in the room (we all sleep in the same room still).