Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hair-cut Day

Monday was the day we went to the hair dresser.
It was good timing as the boys have no school, and being a Monday morning, there was no crowd.

Max is the one who hates going to have a haircut.

Both the boys had a haircut before Christmas last year. It was good timing as it made them look nice during Chinese New Year.

Micah had one a month after Chinese New year, but Max skipped that.

Then in June, we took Myron for a shave, and Micah had a trim too.
Max skipped that as well.

So finally we insisted it was time he had a hair cut.
It was either to our hairdresser, Aunty Chui Lin or to the Indian Barber*,
Max chose Aunty Chui Lin.

So here are the two boys, clowning around while waiting for the hair dresser to come (we were her first customer of the day).

The boys having their shave.

After the hair cut.

And here's Myron before his shave,

... during,

... and after.

Don't they look so nice and clean?


* If we had gone to the Indian barber, I would have asked for a crew cut for Max. Then he only needs to worry about another haircut like... after Christmas.


Linda said...

so so cute.. haha..
first one and second one looks exactly the same....
my mother cut my daughter hair by herself.... she enjoys it.. :) If my mother not here.. i'll cut it myself... save money to buy some junk food.. haha

Moomykin said...


haha... enjoy your junkfood.

My mil tries to cut for them sometimes, but we still find that the hair dresser does a better and faster job.

Ann said...

Havent brought Christopher to the barber before. Wonder how he will look partially shaved!