Sunday, 2 August 2009

Catching Up Fast

Myron can't seem to grow up fast enough to want to play with his brothers.

Not yet 5 months (he will be in 4 days time), and these are the things he noticed over the last week:

He has just begun to be a pro on the walker, sliding sideways to where he wants to head to and grabbing things at his height. So far he has managed to tug at the corner of the (dining) tablecloth, Mommy's baby bag on the sofa and, today, he knocked Micah's Lego-made Megatron that was resting on a low chair.

Myron has also mastered rolling over and over and over again. Now we have to make sure when he is on the bed, we have to barricade him in with pillows and bolsters, or he is sure to land on the floor.

He makes a big fuss when having to change after his bath. He wants to sit up to change, not lie down. So we have to have him lean against us, facing out, while we put on his shirt. And he will need a toy when putting on his diapers as he has to be on his back.

He already loves rough-housing with his brothers and father on the bed, especially in the morning when he is all fresh from a good night's sleep (and this usually happens while Mommy is still unable to get her body to wake up despite the ears and brain registering all the cacophony of the three little cuties having fun).

He is really great at grabbing stuff, including your nose, your hair, Gadget-daddy's glasses, the toothpaste by the sink while getting his bum washed, your cup if you are having a drink while carrying him and anything he fancies. He's a got a real strong grip.

I don't know if it's due to his cough and running nose the last few weeks, or that he has hit a plateau of his weight gain (which is quite normal for breastfed babies), Myron weighs 6.7 kg still for the last whole month.


He has sprouted 2 teeth on his lower gums.

So he joins his brothers in growing their teeth early*... much to my disappointment (I was hoping his would wait till at least he is 6 months old... but alas...). Micah also had his first 2 at 4.5 months and Max at 4 months.

Well, that explains the super-drooly bit...

And now, note to self, I have to go get him a new teething toy.

You are almost 5 months, precious baby.
We all love you so so much.

* I think the good bit about having their teeth early is that they don't seem as bothered as if they were teething at a later age. My sister complained of a very whiny and sticky son when he was teething at 1 year old.


Tina said...

aww hes grown up so fast. he will be keeping you extra busy now being active :0

mil0chel said...

aiyok the last pic shows that notti vulgar finger.. =.-'''

Moomykin said...


Yeah... they grow so fast.



Oh, I didn't even notice that. Just that he loves touching his little teeth, I think.

JLow said...

That first one with the hat- that's a keeper!

Our Jouneys.... said...

wah...looks like another active one...when he starts running, i can imagine everyone running too...

Linda said...

Time flies.... i guess u r planning for his solid very soon... :) my 1yr girl now take rice already....

Ann said...

wow...pretty fast development !!! was it like that for Max as well, looking at his brother?

But then when your 2 older ko-kos are having so much not to wanna join!!!

Moomykin said...


Haha... That's true.


Our Journeys,

I think so too.

But I suppose they can then keep each other busy too.

Moomykin said...


He stares when we are eating and his hand will try to grab your cup/spoon/fork if you're eating and carrying at the same time.

Think we will wait for another month before solid, rice porridge.

Moomykin said...


Myron is more like Micah. Micah was a fast one too. Max was more normal, and so we really enjoyed him. Maybe that's why he's also more "manja"...

I think Myron really can't wait to join in the fun too.