Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ooo.. Yellow

The other day, while watching Myron at play, I noticed he picked at things that were yellow.

Can't quite tell if it's his favourite colour, and he still can't tell us either, but here's the little cutie in action:

"Mommy, I've separated the yellow cube from the rest.
It's actually been 'eaten' . Shhh..."

Guess which monster's coming for tea?
Cookie monster, Elmo, Zoe or Big Bird?

Big Bird.
And what would be sweeter than a "glazed moon" for dessert.

Yes, that finger lickin' good.

Happy exploring with your tastebuds, beautiful baby.


Ann said...

Oh...he does go for all things yellow doesn't he! How time flies!!!

mumsgather said...

My boy's favourite is yellow too! Hehe. And we used to have that same toy. Still do. I can still hear it.... "Blue cow!" Hahaha.

pepperboy said...

Yellow is happy!! He's a happy kiddo. :) It's amazing seeing him grow bigger and bigger everyday. He looks like Micah and Max combined!

Angeline said...


Auntie Angeline's favourite colour is Yellow!

Blessed mum said...

colour recognition!!! wow! clever darling!

Linda said...

yellow.... the colour of the sun..
i think my zihan is obsessed with purple circle plastic blocks.... she will pick that one on top of the rest and will get angry if we took the purple one away... haha very funny.

Blessed mum said...

Hi :)

have a tag for you here.

Moomykin said...


yeah. Time sure flies.



Yellow is a good choice.

The toy was actually Micah's. So it's 5 years old, but still working well. Changed battery twice only.

Moomykin said...


Yes, Yellow is happy indeed. So bright! And Myron is really such a happy baby.

He does look like both his brothers one way or another.
Come back quick to come carry him and cuddle him.



*hi-5* back!

Yay! :)

Moomykin said...

Blessed mum,

This mommy is not so ambitious to "train" him, but just picking up on what he likes and let him be a happy baby. He is really just so cute.

p/s- Thanks for the tag. Will get to it soon.



Wah! shape and colour recognition.
:) Good for zihan.

little prince's mummy said...


Moomykin said...

Little Prince's mummy,