Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Last Holiday ... Singapore

Sorry, that this is such a be-lated post.

At the end of the school hols, also the Merdeka Weekend (national day), we actually made a last minute decision to go down to Singapore. And as usual, we stayed with my sister.

This time round, we visited a nice public pool in Seng Kang,
It has quite an elaborate playpool with slides, tubes and fountains.
As usual, Micah had a splash if a time, while Max had to be persuaded to stay wet a little longer than he wanted to be.

Myron took a nap while his Daddy and brothers were having fun.

We also went on the Singapore Flyer. This we targeted to get on about sunset, so when we boarded the "capsule", it was still light, but when we came out it was dark.
Look at the city's night-lights. Nice.
(I took the shots below with my camera. Gadget daddy has some really nice ones with his more sophisticated camera.)

It is always good to spend time with family, especially those we don't see enough.

The kids sure had a good time together.

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